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Slow week marked by Shelter Me: Party in The park

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The last week of July and first week of August starts pretty slowly with several shows in unusual places.

Outrun the Arrow play Shelter ME Party in the park this weekend. Photo by Richard Amery
 But start off the week with laughter at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, July 27 where  their monthly comedy open mic will be happening.

After you’ve laughed, get ready to rock with Detroit rockers Pop Evil who return to Average Joes, July 28 with special guests Red Dun Rising.

 Pop Evil have a hot new single on the radio called “ Footsteps,” off their new CD “Up.” They also have several other number one singles “Trenches,”“Deal With the Devil” and “Torn To Pieces”
 The show begins at 8:30 p.m. Tickets cost $25 in advance, $30 on the day of the show.

And get ready for an eclectic weekend. Frankie Hidalgo and the MVPs  will get those toes tapping with high energy salsa music at Casino Lethbridge, July 29 and 30.

There are a couple of completely different options on the weekend as well. Ghostkeeper will be sharing some of their new electronica and hip hop inspired music at the Slice as they open a big show with popular Calgary indie rock band Raleigh and Montreal’s  Chairs.


Ghostkeeper excited to give sneak peek of new music in Lethbridge

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You won’t have to stay up until two in the morning to hear Ghostkeeper play when they return to the Slice, July 29 when they join Raleigh and their old friend and collaborator Ian Jarvis’s band Chairs.Ghostkeeper return to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery
 Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle have been hard at work in their home studio simultaneously recording and writing a long awaited new album with engineer Brad Hawkins.

“I think we may be playing this one as a trio with Sarah on percussion and Ryan Bourne, who is all over the new album, but maybe Ian Jarvis will jump on stage with us. He was the multi-instrumentalist on our last full length album,” Ghostkeeper said.

 He is excited to play two shows with Chairs — Thursday in Calgary and Friday in Lethbridge.
“ And Raleigh jumped on the bill too. Actually I think we jumped on their bill. But we got asked to play with two great bands,” he continued.

“ And we‘re playing early. We’ll probably be opening, so you won’t have to stay up until two in the morning to see us,” he said.
“ We’ll be playing a really short set. Maybe five or six of the new songs and a couple of the songs from the EP and the last full length. I’ll be playing the musical saw which is always a crowd pleaser and maybe Ian will jump up on stage with us. I hope so,” he said.

He is excited about the new album, which they have been working on for three-and-a-half years.

“We just got the final masters back. We were simultaneously recording and writing. This is the first time we recorded the songs and then learned them.
 It’s evenly split  between my songs and Sarah’s songs. They’re back to back, so it’s like John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s ‘ Double Fantasy,’ not that it sounds like that,” he said.


Tubuloids getting weird on the road with new album

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Vancouver based skate punk/ surf punk band the Tubuloids are excited to be “getting weird” on the road this summer.The Tubuloids come to Lethbridge, July 29. Photo By Richard Amery
“We all get along really well, so it’s nothing but hilarity in the van. There’s lots of laughing and Simpsons quotes. So it is a lot of fun,”  said Tubuloids guitarist / vocalist Kevin Baxter, noting his favourite Simpsons’ season is  the 1996 season when Conan O’Brien was still writing for the show.
“Touring is like a vacation for us. We’d like to make it a paid vacation, then a job,” he said.
 They visit the Moose Hall, July 29.

They were supposed to be hitting the road in support of their new eight track EP, “It’s Getting Get Weird,” on the Beer City record label, but instead are just touring.
Though the new record isn’t officially out yet, it is already getting great response.

“ We mailed out copies to university and college radio stations and it debuted at number one the Earshot charts,” he said.
“It was supposed to be out on June 21 then  in September, now it won’t be out  until Oct. 14 because of a backup at the vinyl pressing plant,” said Baxter.
Lead guitarist Rob West, bassist Dave Dolan, and drummer Teddy Rennie complete the Tubuloids.


Pop Evil returning to Lethbridge with new music and new drummer

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 Detroit based rock band Pop Evil have a lot of reasons to feel “Up” in 2016.

Pop Evil returns to Lethbridge, July 28. Photo by Richard Amery
 Their fourth CD,  fittingly titled “Up” has spawned hit singles “Footsteps,” “In Disarray” and “Ways to Get High.” And in May they welcomed a new drummer Haley Cramer to the fold.
They return to Lethbridge to play Average Joes, July 28 with Akron, Ohio’s Red Sun Rising.

“It’s been wonderful. We’ve enjoyed some time at home for the fourth of July, but we’re back on the road touring in a week,” said Kingston, Ontario born frontman Leigh Kakaty, who has called Detroit home for many years.

 “We’re road dogs. We’ll play anywhere people want to hear us ” Kakaty continued.

 Even a prison. In addition to several festivals,  a couple shows with Everlast and a big tour of Europe with Three Doors Down in August and September, they are playing the Ohio State Prison.

“We don’t know what to expect. So we’re pretty excited to see what will happen. Our booking agent booked that for us. But we would have played a prison anyway. It’s going to be exciting,” he said.

 He is excited to welcome drummer Haley Cramer aboard, even though it means extra paperwork in order for her to come over from the United Kingdom to play with the band.
“I never knew I wanted a sister and now I have one,” he said.
“It’s been great. She adds a different dynamic to the band.  It‘s been like she’s always been with us,” he continued, adding she fits in with the direction the band is going. When former drummer Josh “Chachi Riot”  Marunde decided to leave the band earlier this year to be closer to his family, they embarked on a search for a female drummer because they wanted to try one.
“We’ve definitely got a lot more more tame now. We’re more focussed on our careers and focusing on longevity,” he said.


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