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Horoscopes for June 6 - July 13

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If you know your astrology and are aware of your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign, also called the ascendant, please read the scopes for the signs of all three; The moon sign being especially important for those born in the evening or at night, likewise the sun for those of you born at dawn or during the day. See my page on Facebook called 'Nyx Knox' for any questions or inquiries.

March 21 - April 19

I see that this week, for you Aries, communications by way of spontaneous and chance meetings, creatively unexpected outbursts, and showing your emotions and vulnerabilities are the important focal points, in contrast to last week. The last point though challenging encourages you to let loose with your feelings in strange ways. If there seems to be a problem or an excess of emotion, tackle it with artistic ingenuity.

April 20 - May 20

Still more fruitful days to come in the pasture for the Bull. As Mercury enters into Cancer our emotions are charged and fuelled by the deeply rooted issues going back all the way to our childhood, worn on our sleeve in the most literal of all ways, our method of expressing ourselves. This is about the sort of expression that involves our feelings, not our image and impressions we would like to make about ourselves. Watch your words, and learn.

May 21 - June 20

There's a watery whirlwind about you that impresses the comfort of house and home ever more still, yet creates an internal tension that may cause tempers to flare. Mum's the word doesn't necessarily mean mom is right, it just means that you have to listen to her, or else! The bright side of this circumstance is in the comforts brought when one finds themselves wholly able to admit their personal sensitivities, not just humbly but gently. There's a lot to be said for making an apology and how we receive them.

June 21 - July 22

You are in the business of exorcising demons lately, or at least coaxing them to better living by way of co-existence. Water cannot calcify but sap turns to amber. Preserve what you can from any of the darkest, deepest remainders you are carrying with you. Nothing that has once been seen can be unseen again. We can either choose to see it under the moonlight, running in fear from ourselves or to sit still, and let what washes over us crystallize into our marrow as you reconstitute your core.

July starts off loudly with Street Machines and metal

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The first full week of July is going to be loud. Not only will Street Machine weekend dominate downtown, roaring through the streets, but Backstreet South features live music so you can listen while you watch the custom cars.

Local rock band Fast TiJanni Jelli is performign with Fast Times   at Backstreet South for Street Machine Weekend. Photo by Richard Amerymes rock Backstreet South, July 10. Backstreet also has an eclectic line up on July 11 featuring everything from dance to rock music including Gray Area, DJ Millz Skillz and rock bands Friends Over Fame and the Silkstones.

 But before that there are several exceptional mid-week shows beginning Wednesday, July 8.
 There are a couple big punk and metal shows at Inferno with Vancouver thrash metal band Golers, Revenge of the Inbred Militia and Calgary’s X-Ray Cat playing July 8. Tickets are $8 in advance, $13 at the door.

The next day Toronto based doom metal trio IRN rock Inferno, July 9 with guests. The first band starts at 8:45. There is five dollar cover.

Over at the Slice, Carolyn Mark and her new best friends return to play her quirky brand of alt country music. Admission is $10.

 If you want to laugh, the Owl Acoustic Lounge feature their ever popular comedy open mic, July 8.

Lethbridge's favourite organ powered, Vancouver based rock band Bend Sinister return to the Slice the next day, July 9 with new music and a new horn player. And as a special bonus Calgary bass and drums rock duo High Kicks will join the fun. Tickets are $15


Bend Sinister beginning the writing process breaking in new band mates

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Vancouver organ powered ’70s style Bend Sinister are taking it a little easier this summer.

“We’re writing more and getting ready to record a new album” said Bend Sinister guitarist Joseph Blood, who brings the band to the Slice, July 9 with Calgary duo High Kicks.Joseph Blood and Bend Sinister return to Lethbridge, July 9. Photo by Richard Amery

“So this summer is a lot quieter than it usually is,” Blood said, noting they have a couple bigger summer festivals including The Tall Trees Music Festival in Port Renfrew B.C. on Vancouver Island, with fellow Vancouverites Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer and  a bigger festival in  Sylvan Lake with heavyweights like Our Lady Peace.

While the band isn’t playing as many  festivals as usual, they have some key appearance  at Artswells and another festival where they play with Platinum Blonde.

“ We’re playing for or five days then home for a week, so we ’re spending a lot of our time in our rehearsal space,” he said.

 In addition to writing  as a band, they are also working with other musicians including The Gay Nineties as well as Hedley drummer Chris Crippin plus the Mounties, Hawksley Workman’s new trio which also features Hot Hot Heat’s Steve Bays and Limblifter's Ryan Dahle.
“Steve is from Vancouver,” he said.

They are also working in new band member Kristy Lee Audette.

“ She plays trumpet and synth and sings. She’s a perfect fit,” Blood said.


Carolyn Mark to meet some new best friends for Lethbridge stop on Western Canadian tour

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 It is always a treat to see Victoria based songstress Carolyn Mark.
 She and her brand new best friends will be playing the Slice, July 8.Carolyn Mark returns to Lethbridge, July 8. photo by Richard Amery

“I’m pretty hard on my boys, so I need a good sized supply of new best friends. I don’t want to burn them out, so when I’m all done with them they need to get jobs,” she chuckled from Toronto, where she is finishing an Eastern Canadian tour.

“I have some Ontarians and Victorians with me. So I have to leave the Ontarians here fly back to Victoria, pick up the van and some more Victorians come and see you guys,” she enthused, checking her schedule to see which of her new best friends will be joining her in Lethbridge.

 She will be joined by guitarist Joel Fernandes, Sloan keyboardist Greg MacDonald who will be playing drums with her and bassist Terri Upton, who used to play with Victoria roots trio the Gruff.


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