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New West Theatre bringing Jake's Gift to Lethbridge

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New West Theatre is doing something a little different for the Canadian play portion of their series. They are bringing in a touring production of  the one person show “Jakes Gift” at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre, Oct 1-11.

Jeremy Mason is excited to bring Jake's Gift to Lethbridge. photo by Richard Amery“ It started out as a Fringe festival show on the west coast and audiences fell in love with it, so it has been touring constantly across the country for almost a decade,” said New West Theatre artistic director Jeremy Mason.

 The play was written back in 2007 and is performed by Julia Mackey and directed by  Dirk Van Stralen.

 The  story focusses on a Second World War veteran, Jake revisiting the site of Juno beach for the 60th anniversary of the invasion where he meets a precocious 10-year-old girl, Isabelle and reminisces about the past, particularly the death of his older brother Chester, who was a promising musician.
“It’s a great balance of history and is a very human, emotional comedy,” Mason continued.

“ Because of the age difference between the two characters, it's a beautiful play. It’s funny, but it is a backdrop of war and how it affects Canadians and people in the world,” he continued adding the play puts war into a human context, so in addition to their regular productions, they are adding extra performances just for local schools.

“ We’ll be having a few student specific performances. So it will be an opportunity for junior high students to come and watch the performances.


Lots of laughter and rock this week

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 Jonas and the Massive Attraction bring the rock to Bo Diddly’s, Sept. 30 to rock out September with big hits like “Big Slice,” Burn Bright,” top 15 single “The Deep End” and Top 20 hit “Seize the Day.” The show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $15 in advance, $20 at the door.Jonas and the Massive Attraction return to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery

The other big rock show is at the Slice, Oct. 3 with Lab Coast and Dead Soft who help rock in Blueprint Records’ anniversary this year.

 If you like big rock with a touch of pop, don’t miss Victoria pop rock band Isobel Trigger making their first visit to Alberta and Lethbridge with a show at the Slice, Oct. 2.


Isobel Trigger enjoying exploring on first official tour

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Victoria based pop/ rock band Isobel Trigger are enjoying their first official tour which brings them to Lethbridge for the first time at the Slice, Oct. 2  with Rend and the Utilities.

“ It’s been great. We’re in Dawson Creek and we just had breakfast at this funky ’50s diner,” enthused lead vocalist Felicia Harding.

Isobel Trigger come to Lethbridge,Oct. 2. Photo submitted
“And Brett (Faulkner), our guitarist has a brother in Fort. St. John. So we went to visit him,” she continued. Bassist Kyle Lowther and drummer Ariel Tseng complete the lineup of the band.
“  We‘re definitely pop rock I like to say we’re alternative pop rock,” she said.

They use  a lot of synths in their music.
“ I just started playing  keyboards a couple years ago. They echo our times. We’ve become more like cyborgs with our cell phones and technology. So synths really echo the time we’re living in,” she said adding the first two singles off their EP “Dust and Bones” and “Tiger Shark” feature a lot of  keyboards.

 She said the band is looking forward to their first visit to Alberta.

“It will be different than B.C, so it will be interesting to experience,” she continued.
They tour quite a bit around Vancouver Island and play a lot in Vancouver and go up to Smithers in northern B.C., but touring is still quite new to them.

“This is our first official tour. We love it. We all live together, so we’re like family. It’s been fun exploring and  seeing new places. And playing shows every night has been exciting,” she said.


Rend covering new ground on new tour

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Edmonton alternative rock band Rend are excited to come to Lethbridge in support of their EP “Winter to Summer” and latest single and video “Scars,” when they visit the Slice, Oct. 2 with Isobel Trigger and the Utilities.Rend comes to Lethbridge, Oct. 2. Photo submitted

“ We’re in Prince George now, and it is a long  way from Lethbridge,” said lead vocalist Carol-Lynne Quinn, who just traveled 14 hours from Victoria from this show.

“It‘s going really well,” she said adding the band is doing short burst of mini-tours.

“We’ve played a lot of cities we haven’t played before and we’ve made contact with a lot of radio stations we haven’t met before and we’re meeting a lot of new people,” she said.

“ I think meeting all of the new people has been the highlight,” she continued.

 She noted the band has found their stride and their sound with the EP which is more straight ahead alternative rock along the lines of bands like Metric, Paramore, a touch of Alanis Morissette and a smattering of the Foo Fighters.
They are excited about their live show.


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