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Lethbridge Heritage Festival beings the world to Galt Gardens

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 Go around the world in five hours when you celebrate Heritage Day, Aug. 3 in Galt Gardens.
The Southern Alberta Ethnic Association has been holding the event on the first Monday of the month which pretty much since Heritage Days was first decreed in Alberta by then Minister of Culture Dr. Horst  Schmid. The event has been moved to Galt Gardens this year.

John Pogorzelski is excited abtu Heritage Days celebrations. Photo by Richard Amery
“This year, we wanted to expand it to two days, unfortunately the roof of exhibition pavilion where we usually host it, broke,” said Southern Alberta Ethnic Association program co-ordinator John Pogorzelski.

“So rather than moving it to the South Pavilion which could seat 700 people, we decided to move it to Galt Gardens, where we can comfortably seat the 1,000 people we usually get at the event so we’re hoping for good weather,” he continued, adding it is difficult to say exactly how many people attended as they don’t charge children.

“We sold 1,100 tickets last year,” he said.
 Because the event is in Galt Gardens this year, it will be free event with plenty of food and entertainment from all over the world.

“There will be a plethora of food. We have food from all five continents — including South America, Asia, Europe and Africa,” he said, noting numerous ethnic communities are taking part in this year’s Heritage Fair including Polish, Hungarian, Columbian, Filipino, East Indian and Blackfoot plus Argentinian, Sudanese, Bhutanese.

“There are also beverages, but not like Pil or Coors that you can get anywhere.There will be beverages from all over the world for you to test your palate,” he added.
He said the many different ethnic communities enjoy participating in  Heritage Days.


Old Man Luedecke explores domestic bliss on sixth CD

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Nova Scotia folk musician and banjo picker Old Man Luedecke aka Chris Luedecke spent a snowy winter locked away in an old cabin outside of his home in Chester, Nova Scotia recording a new CD  all about the joys of being at home with the wife and kids.

Old Man Luedecke made the long list for the 2015 Polaris Prize. Photo by Scott Blackburn The result is Luedecke's sixth album “ Domestic Eccentric” — an intimate and sparse 14 track affair recorded live off the floor with a few friends including long time collaborator Tim O’ Brien.

“Over the past few years, I’ve been on the road and at home raising three kids aged 0-4. I always look for the best songs and started with a  core of three songs (The Early Days, Now We Got A Kitchen and The Briar and the  Rose) that influenced the rest of the album. And I found I had a whole bunch of songs about that period,” said Luedecke, enjoying some quality home time before crossing Canada and home again plus a few American stops to support the CD including a stop at the Slice, Aug. 5.

“ I have a pretty good family situation here. I’ve got  10 acres and a beautiful family,” he said.
“ We tried to have children  for a while, then we had one and another right after,” he said.
“ And now I have three beautiful girls.”

He also has a pretty nice professional situations as he not only made the 105 Polaris Prize long list, but a has also won two Juno Awards.

He said it has been a while since he played in Lethbridge.
 “ I have not played there since 2007. I think it was a place called the Tongue N’ Groove. Across from a  Chinese market,” he recalled.
He is pleased with his seventh CD.

“This is a return to where I started — just me playing with my friends. Which is what I’m known for,” said Luedecke, who  has won two Juno awards for his music since beginning his music career.
 He also added  crowd pleaser ‘Yodelady’ which he  has been performing pretty much since he started playing back in 2004 which, though it had never been recorded, has become an audience favourite.
Friends like Grammy award winning multi-instrumentalist Tim O’ Brien and drummer Nick Halley, who plays with  James Taylor and vocalist Jennah Barry all came to the cabin to record.
 It took a lot of work to do the project.

“I recorded the last album in Nashville, but I wanted to record this one here. But that meant I spent a year seeing if it  would work to record in the cabin, then I had to build a road to it to get all of the equipment  in,” he said adding his kids weren’t underfoot during the process.


Lethbridge Girls Rock for third year

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 Lethbridge girls got a crash course in the music business last week during the third annual Lethbridge Girls Rock Camp at the Gate.
 This year 20 girls aged 8-14 formed five different bands, named their bands, designed a logo and a T shirt,  wrote an original song and performed it all in the span of a week.

laine Unger-Pengilly helps Kyra Thompson and her band prepare for the Lethbridge Girls Rock showcase. Photo by Richard Amery
“It’s for girls aged 8-17, but we only have girls up to 14 this year,” said Lethbridge Girl’s Rock Camp director Silvana Campus, adding that is average for a year, though they would like to expand the camp.

“ We go through the whole process,” she said, adding they began the week Monday morning by introducing the girls to a lot of different music. After that they divided into bands according to similar musical interests, then learning different musical instruments.

“Some of them have a lot of musical background, others don’t have any,” she said, adding while some of them have taken lessons in different instruments, they usually learn a new one for the camp.
 “We have some girls who have been to the camp every year, others have never been,” she continued.
 They form their bands and start writing their songs immediately on Monday after a songwriting workshop.

 The rest of the week features a variety of  workshops on various aspects of the business , and, of course, lots of rehearsal with their new bands. A new workshop this year is on sound design and setting up a PA system. They were silkscreening T shirts on Thursday and getting ready for the stage presence workshop on Friday. The last workshop of the camp was Friday afternoon on stage presence, preparing them for their show on Saturday night.

“ We’re doing the things that worked the last time and adding some new things,” Campus said.
“We had a lot of different genres, country, dub step, heavy metal, indie rock, jazz, classical and hardcore, Campus said.


Lots of country music happening this week

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It’s mostly all about country music this week.
This week begins with back to back shows at the Geomatic Attic beginning with bluegrass band Slocan Ramblers, on July 29 and a stripped down solo show with Fred Eaglesmith and Tif Ginn the next day.

INternet Love kick off their tour in Lethbridge, July 31. Photo by Richard Amery
 Local country band the Dearly Departed will open for bluegrass band Slocan Ramblers on July 29 at at 8 p.m. sharp at the Geomatic Attic. Tickets cost $10 members, $20 guests, $22.50 online and $25 at the door.

 Unfortunately Fred Eaglesmith is competing with classic rocker John Fogerty at the Enmax Centre. Eaglesmith’s Geomatic Attic show begins at 8 p.m. with a solo set by Tif Ginn, July 30. Tickets cost $30 Advance, $32.50 Online, $35 Door.

John Fogerty, the frontman for classic rockers  Creedence Cleerwater Revival plays the Enmax Centre, July 30 beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $35-$95. He will be joined by band mates Kenny Aronoff, Bob Malone, Shane Fogerty, James Lomenzo and Devon Pangle.


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