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Jeanne Kollee’s Unter Dem Messer at Casa among new art exhibits opening

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Lethbridge artist Jeanne Kollee  explores Germany in the early twentieth century through abstract expressionism in her new exhibit Unter dem Messer which runs at Casa June 25-Sept. 2.
“It’s my  interpretation of  early 1900s-20s and 30s Germany during the Weimar republic,” Kollee said.Jeanne Kollee examines one of her paintings in Unter Dem Messer at Casa. Photo by Richard Amery

 She was inspired to produce the colourful works by reading Otto Friedrich’s book “ DeLuge — A Portrait of Berlin in the 1920s.”
“ I used the colour palettes of artists like Otto Dix and Wassily Kandinsky for this project,” she said adding she was inspired by the conditions faced by artists of the time.
“It was a frustrating time for  artists, writers and actors trying to get their message across to people. It was a time of revolution and worker’s strikes. A lot of art was considered degenerate and debauchery. There were cabaret shows done in the nude,” she said, adding the artists had a lot of tough times to be inspired by.

“ Inflation was high. It was a time of reparations that had to be be paid after the First World War  but they couldn’t afford to pay them, so they printed more money which lead to higher inflation,“ said Kollee , who has German ancestry going back to the 1600s and has visited Frankfurt and Aachen.

“ So I was trying to visualize what they would have seen,” she said  she  expects audiences to read the titles of the work and interpret the works individually.
 She said her works are very textured as she liberally layered the colour palette of the day with a palette knife.
 All the works  were done over the past two years. So it was a project of intent,” she said.
Casa also opens  Pass it On, June 25.

“ Five local artists (Amy Dodic, Donna Gallant, barb Goodman, Angela H’Wood and Karina Mark) selected an item and painted a still life. When they were done, they passed it on to the next artist until the cycle was complete,” said Casa curator Darcy Logan.

“ So there are 25 paintings. and the items they chose are on display too so you can see the source material,” he continued.

“It’s interesting to see the unique interpretations of each item. It’s a simple item, but there are five radically different  interpretations,” he said.
 The opening reception for both exhibits  is at 7 p.m., June 25.

 But before that, new exhibitions also open at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and Trianon Galleries tonight, June 24.
The SAAG features Germany born, Winnipeg based artist Holger Kalberg’s new exhibit the Colony with an opening reception at 7 p.m., June 24.


Plenty of punk, Pride and Dragon Boat races this week

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Summer kicks off with several big events happening this weekend, though most of the week’s live music happens  at Henderson Lake Park with the Rotary Dragon Boat Races, June 24-26.
 But the week begins with a busy night tonight , June 21.
 Pop rock star Meatloaf performs at the Enmax Centre, June 21 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $52-$72.

 For a complete, violent contrast to that, CalAlyssa mcQuaid is one of many local musicians playing the Rotary Dragon Boat Races this weekend. Photo by Richard Amerygary hardcore punks Citizen Rage return to Inferno  for an early show at 8 p.m. with local bands Chernoff and Ginger Priest.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m., Bands hit the stage at 8 p.m.
 After that, Hamilton’s B.A. Johnston returns to The Owl Acoustic Lounge with local bands Advertisement and Rainbow Patrol. Admission is by donation.

And Fort Whoop-Up reopened, June 21 at 11:30 a.m. with a variety of activities including live music , a pow wow and local country singer Floyd Sillito performing at 3 p.m.  and lots of fun for the whole family throughout.

The usual cornucopia of local bands will be performing throughout the Rotary Dragon Boat Festival, June 24-26. The music begins at 5 p.m. on June 24 with local country musician Dusty Dee Litchfield with the opening ceremonies following at 6 p.m. blues rockers Paul Kype and Texas Flood follow then the Desert Wind Belly dancers and Fast Times rock the night away at 8:30 p.m.

Dragon Boat fun continues Saturday morning, June 25 at 11 p.m. with local ’90s rock acoustic trio Uncovered. They will be followed by the Rose Ceremony at noon. Local pop country songstress Alyssa McQuaid and her band return to the stage after that followed by the Hibikaya Japanese drummers, pop singers Nicole Donaghy-Hughes and Kelliane Litchfield, Exisdance, doc rock band DNR, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Cloggers, teenaged rock band Diversified, roots/country singer Karen Romanchuk and local rock band Suite 33 who play the last set of the day at 7 p.m.
 The last day of Dragon Boats music, June 26 begins at 11 a.m. with the E Free Band followed by Shane Janzen, jazz pop from Bridgette Yarwood, bluesman Steve Keenan, the Urban Beat Dance Studio and Medicine Hat folk rock duo Mahoney at 3 p.m.

 In between dragon boat races, there is a number of diverse shows happening all over the city.

 Vancouver progressive rock group Bend Sinister return to the Slice to kick off the week, June 22.
Ottawa pop/rock band Hollerado return to Lethbridge to play Studio, June 24 with Toronto garage pop band Little Junior and local band the Utilities. Tickets cost $25. Doors open at 8 p.m.
Also on June 24, local country / roots band Rancho Deluxe play the Owl Acoustic Lounge. Jay Aymar returns to the Owl Acoustic Lounge, June 25 and Brandon based musician Shotgun Jimmie returns to the owl Acoustic Lounge with Human Music, Monday, June 27 in support with his new CD he recorded with Joel Plaskett called “Field of Trampolines.”


War Baby working on new music

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Vancouver rock trio War Baby are returning to Lethbridge, June 25 to play the Slice as part of their Don’t Happy Be Worry tour.War Baby return to Lethbridge this week. photo submitted
“I think the last time we played Lethbridge was for Love and Records.We were touring with the Invasives. It was in September and we played the Slice too,” recalled Calgary born guitarist/vocalist Jon Redditt, who along with  fellow Calgarian born bassist Brock Allen and Australian born drummer Kirby Fisher make up the band.

“ We’re all Vancouver transplants, but I’ve been living here 10 years, so this feels like home. I still have a lot of friends in Calgary,” he said.
 “The last time we were there with members of the band Savk. We didn’t get to see them play though because they were playing at the same time as us, but it was still rad to see them,” he continued.
“I remember the last show was super fun. Everyone was dancing,” he said, adding he is excited to return to Lethbridge.
“We’ve only been there a handful of times. Another band got added to the show called Cope,” he said.

“We’ll be playing the new music and music from our first LP Jesus Horse and  the latest album Death Sweats,” he said.
 War Baby recorded three new tracks with Jesse Gander of Rain City Recorders after winning a contest called Shindig from the UBC radio station CiTR.
 “We don’t know what we’ll do with them yet, probably a seven inch, but we’re pretty stoked about them,” he said.


Shotgun Jimmie returns to Lethbridge with new Joel Plaskett produced CD

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Toronto born, Brandon, Manitoba based musician Jim Kilpatrick best known as Shotgun Jimmie always has an interesting story to tell in our “annual conversation.”
 He winds up a cross Canadian tour in support of his latest  “Field Of Trampolines,” at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, June 27.Shotgun Jimmie returns to Lethbridge with his band, June 27. Photo by Richard Amery
The new CD sounds like a new Joel Plaskett CD, which is not surprising as Placket produced it.
“I’ll take that as a compliment. He is all over it. He sings on it and he plays guitar on it,” said Kilpatrick, who just returned from a week visiting his partner in Iceland where she is doing an eight week art residency.
“It was so great. She had applied for that before I recorded this album, so I booked an extra eight days to go and visit here there and grab a cheaper flight over there, well cheaper than flying there from Brandon,” he said, noting he went to Iceland after  doing the east coast swing in support of the CD.

“It’s so beautiful there and most people speak English there which is not surprising because tourism is so important there. I drove all around the island. I’d love to go back and play,” he continued, on the road  to Sault Sté Marie. I was just thinking of Joel Plaskett because he has a lyric about hitting on a waitress in Sault Sté Marie. I was going to text him about it,” he said.

 He is pleased with how the CD turned out.
“We recorded it in a record breaking four days, which is different than  his usual recording process.
“That’s rock and roll. There isn’t a lot of time to second guess anything,” he said adding he hadn’t intended for the CD to sound like Plaskett.
“The way we intended it was to just record a hi fi Shotgun Jimmie album,” he said, adding he feels blessed to have so many talented friends like Plaskett.
“He’s an amazing friend. The fact he believes in the music is great,” he said.
“We took two days to track it and another two to mix and master it,” he said.


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