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Fossil talk at Cafe Galt

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Have you got a fossil you’ve found but can’t quite identify? If so Wendy  Sloboda will be able to help at the Galt Museum’s Café Galt program, Wednesday, Dec. 9 at the museum. In addition to speaking about  the fossils she has found, collected and prepared in Southern Alberta since her first find in the Devil’s COulee along Milk River Ridge in 1987, she will also identify some of the patron’s own finds.alt
Sloboda also  supplied  numerous items for the Galt’s exhibit “Dinosour Finds” in the Lower Level Gallery.
"Wendy brought in photographs, fossils and personal items for the exhibit," noted Wendy Aitkens in a press release.
 "It is always exciting to be able to feature someone from our own community who has accomplished significant things in their field. I consider her to be a southern Alberta paleontology heroine," continued the Galt Museum and Archives Curator.
Paleontolical Technician Wendy Sloboda graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a BA [History] in 2001. She has assisted with field excavations around the world, and worked for the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller before starting her own company, Mesozoic Wrex Repair. In her lab, Wendy prepares and extracts dinosaur bones from rock and reconstructs the pieces. In 1987, she found egg shell pieces near Warner, Alberta which led to the discovery of the first dinosaur eggs and babies in Canada - an extensive, 80 per cent complete nesting site of Hadrosaur (duckbill) dinosaurs.  Ten years later, she located a fossilized dinosaur dropping that contained the remains of soft tissue from the T-Rex's last meal.  And on her last trip to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, Wendy found what may be a new type of lizard.
Because she was the first to find new dinosaur footprints in Argentina, it was named
after her (Barrosopus slobodai).
Alberta Dinosaurs is the third of four Café Galt programs exploring themes in the related exhibit Dinosaurs & Company on display at the Galt Museum & Archives until Jan. 31.  The final topic is "The Lost World: Behind the Scenes & on the Screen" with Cory Gross [Jan. 20, 2010].  
Café Galt is free with admission and for annual pass holders, and includes exhibit access and refreshments, this month sponsored by Edible Elegance.  Doors open at 6 p.m. for exhibit viewing.  The presentation begins at 7 p.m. For details visit
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