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Megan Nash plays new music in solo show

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I hate to miss a Megan Nash show as the Moose Jaw native is quickly becoming one of my favourite female singer/ songwriters, so I made a point of catching her at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Aug. 15.Megan Nash returned to the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Aug. 15. Photo by Richard Amery

 While I missed Nick Faye's opening set, I arrived in time to catch another heartfelt performance from Nash, who often plays keyboards in PandaCorn.

This time she just had her acoustic  guitar and was sharing several brand new original songs.

She sang a song inspired by shopping at the Salvation Army and sang in a bluesy, cigarette soaked dusky voice.

“Ghost On Fire,” was hauntingly beautiful due to the spooky arpeggios and repeated line of  “I’m Not There.”
 She reminded me of a more mellow Shred Kelly.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 27 August 2014 10:28 )

Great week to bang your head

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This is a great week if you want to rock and roll, bang your head or rap.
The big event of the week is the return of Snapbacks and Throwbacks at the Slice. It is a good way to remember beloved concert promoter and hip hop scene supporter DJ Booda James Nishima who passed away last year.

Broken Down Suitcase return to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery
 The Aug. 29 event features Calgary rapper Transit and DJ Jonny Williams.

The other performers include fellow Calgary rappers Auston Wentz aka Jam, The Blue and Southern Alberta rappers Aerosubtle, Kyle Pyke and Pat Clifton and Mike Chek. Millz Skills is spinning the beats.
It is a great week for metal.
 The Deaner of the cult classic FUBAR movies will return to Lethbridge to rock Scores, Aug. 28 with his band Nightseeker who have put on memorable Lethbridge shows.

 Every metal band and his dog will be at the Vent in Coaldale, Aug. 28-29. Performers include Victoria punk stalwarts the Dayglo Abortions plus Reverend Kill, Throne of Vengeance and plenty of local metal acts.

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Transit shows transition while paying tribute to DJ Booda at Snapbacks and Throwbacks

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Calgary based rapper Transit  will be showing his transition from Christian rapper and honouring the memory of DJ Booda who passed away last year, by performing at the return of Snapbacks and Throwbacks at the Slice, Aug. 29.Transit  performs at the Return of Snapbacks and Thowbacks this week. Photo By Richard Amery
“It will be at the Slice, which is the first place  played in Lethbridge. So it will be fun to be back there,” Transit said.

“ It will also be a bit of a tribute  to James Nishima, DJ Booda. He was the first person to put me on bigger shows. He was one of the key people in Western Canadian Hip Hop and he was a really good friend,” he said adding Booda and Mase One first started the Snapback and Throwbacks event in Lethbridge.

“It’s pretty close to the anniversary of his passing,” he said. He will be performing with his DJ Jonny Williams.

The other performers include fellow Calgary rappers Auston Wentz aka Jam, The Blue and Southern Alberta rappers Aerosubtle, Kyle Pyke and Pat Clifton and Mike Chek. Millz Skills will be on the decks, spinning the beats.

 Transit just released an album in January and is getting ready to release another one in early January
The new album will be a departure from his “clean” image, but he said the new music reflects his more adult experiences and have been influenced by the experiences of himself and his friends.

He doesn’t have any songs directly about Booda's passing.

“ I’ve done freestyle raps about Booda in Lethbridge,” he said adding he is changing along with his music.

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Throne of Vengeance to play three festivals in three days including Dethfest

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Calgary  metal band  Throne of Vengeance  are taking on the challenge of playing three different festivals in three days including playing Lethbridge Dethfest in Coaldale at the Vent, Aug. 29.Throne of Vengeance  return to Lethbridge for Dethfest. Photo by Richard Amery

“ We're doing this three festival tour at the end of August. It’s three festivals in three days, so it's crazy,” said Throne of Vengeance bassist  Riley Cobb,  who makes up the band with  his brother Trevor on drums , vocalist/ guitarist  Tommy Shakes and new guitarist Brady Side.
“ We’re playing Dethfest first and the next festival is  Beaverfest in Valleyview which is  nine hours away, so we have to leave right after we’ve played, though we might  stay for the band right after us. We’ll probably go to Calgary first and do the rest the next day. They finish up a busy weekend in Alix, Alberta at  the Alberta's own Festival.

Dethfest includes a variety of acts. On Friday, Throne of Vengeance shares the stage with the Golers, Putrescence, Ogroem, Death Toll Rising, Without mercy, Tramp Stamper, Naraka, Dethgod, Space Wolves and Trancide.

 The Dayglo Abortions headline  Aug. 30. Also on the bill are Reverend Kill, Parapsychotic, Kryosphere, Ides of Winter, Mass Control, Martial Law, Morbidly Depraved, Netheriel, Death Pledge and Ares Infernus.

“ We’ve got a couple of new songs ready to go and we’ll probably play our heavier stuff to fit in with the other bands,” he continued.
They released their latest Cd “Live Evil” which is not a live album, in October.
“ It has been on the top 10  on the Loud Charts for Earshot, which is the chart for campus community radio, since we released it in October,” he said.

“ It’s more of a personal album. The album we did before that was a concept album and we wanted to move away from that,” he said.
“It is more of a broad spectrum instead of just in terms of moving from  evolution to extinction. Instead of appealing to  a narrow segment of conspiracy theorists, we wanted  to appeal to different people,” he said.

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The Deaner ready to give’r in Lethbridge with Nightseeker

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Talking to the Deaner of the FUBAR cult films fame will always put a smile on your face. He brings his band Night Seeker back to Lethbridge, Aug. 28 to play Scores with special guests, Space Wolves and Riot City.The Deaner comes back to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery

“ I tried a new beer called Modello. I tried it because I thought it was called Bordello,” quipped the Deaner, who is known for his  love for partying and shotgunning many a beer.

 While he had to buy it at a liquor store instead of going to Mexico for it, his alter ego Paul Spence just returned from a trip to Mexico.

“ I didn’t feel anything from the beer so I looked at the label and it was only four per cent. So I guess it really is buyer beware,” he continued riffing on several different versions of Caveat Emptor and talking about getting trashed on tequila and burying himself  in sand on the beach overnight,
 In between  “given’er”  with his band  Night Seeker ( lead guitarists The Knob Goblin and Metal Ian and Poof the Magic Drummer), the Deaner, who plays bass and sings in the band,  is busy working on a new album.

“We’re working on the new record which is pretty sweet,” he said.
 The Deaner  wrote a book last year called “Just Giver” about  how to give’r which has done will.
“ It’s a self help guide Me and Terry (his parter in crime in FUBAR)  wrote it. It  talks about  how to give’r and the importance of given’r. And it has  a lot of pictures for people who can’t read,” he said.

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