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The Gay Nineties excited about creative videos and first full length CD

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Vancouver based rock band The Gay Nineties are in the middle of a great year.

 They enjoyed hanging out in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, which included playing a Music B.C.  showcase at the Rivoli which included Bend Sinister’s Dan Moxon and Hot Panda.

The Gay Nineties return to Lethbridge, May 25. Photo by Richard Amery
“ It was a wicked show,”  enthused Gay Nineties frontman Parker Bossley from Toronto, getting his entire band ( bassist Daniel Knowlton, drummer Malcolm Holt and keyboardist Bruce Ledingham) in on the interview.
They are currently enjoying their Liberal Guilt (their brand new CD) tour with Zerbin, which brings them to the Slice, May 25.

They are pleased with the new CD.
“We released in January, but worked on it all last year,” said Holt.
“ We were excited to do a full length album,” he continued.

 Bossley is even more excited about the two videos the band  filmed for the CDs first singles  “ Hold Your Fire” and “Letterman.”
“ For Hold Your Fire, we hired a professional dance choreographer,” he said adding they were influenced by psychedelic ’70s videos for their video.

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Twin Peaks back on the road with ukuleles and new songs

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Fort St. John B.C based  quirky ukulele powered duo Twin Peaks are looking forward to hitting the road and visiting  Lethbridge again, May 22 at the Owl Acoustic Lounge.Twin Peaks playing the South Country Fair. Photo by Richard Amery

“ Lindsay (Pratt, ukulele) finished school two weeks ago and I have my last piano lesson this week, then we’re free, ” enthused Naomi Shore, who just finished updating their tour listings with 65 new tour dates, which take them out to Winnipeg and back to Vancouver and then to Vancouver Island with their friend Annie Becker.

They have had a good year, they played a lot of shows including the South Country Fair and their second album was nominated for a Western Canadian Music  Award a week ago.

“We’ve also been part of the CBC radio competition, but didn’t win. But this is an award, that’s a real accomplishment, maybe we’ll win that. We were nominated for our first album too. Maybe we’ll win this time,” she said.
 She noted the duo are also working on new music.

“We have half a new album written and a lot of half finished songs. And neither of us are any good at writing bridges, so we have a lot of verse chorus, verse chorus songs,” she chuckled adding one of the new songs is called “ Never Trust a GPS.”

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Doc MacLean spreading the gospel of the blues and the road

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Southern born, Toronto based delta blues man has spent the last 10 years exploring all corners of Canada and the  U.S.
 He will be bringing the spirit of the blues and a lot of the tales of his travels when he  visits the Lethbridge Folk Club  Wolf’s Den at MJs Cycle for the first time on May 22.Doc MacLean returns to Lethbridge, May 22. Photo by Richard Amery

“ This is the tenth anniversary of my National steel tour where I’ve been playing all 10 provinces,” said MacLean, getting his car washed in Nelson.

 He noted the  tour, like any tour, has had its highs and lows.
“There’s been an impact on venues. There’s been fewer people at the venues.  And B.C has new drinking and riving laws and people who are folk and blues fans don’t want to stay out as late,” he observed.
“But I’ve had a lot of solid shows as well.  It’s been good,” he said.
He noted  this is the first time he’s played for the Lethbridge  Folk Club, as he usually plays the Owl and the Slice, but couldn’t get into either of them this time.

“ I missed a few anchor shows and I’ve been spending a lot of time down south,” he said adding he is enjoying getting to see  place in the furthest reaches of the country.
“ I’ve got a bucket list of places I want to play, so I’ve been playing a lot of them,” he said.
“My community is the community of the road,” he said adding he is seeing a lot of familiar faces from the past 10 years at his shows.

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Puttin’ on the Foil have lots of fun mixing country and punk

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Calgary punk band  Puttin’ On The Foil are unabashedly about having a good time.Puttin on the Foil come to Lethbridge, May 21. Photo submitted

“ That’s what life’s about isn’t it,” observed bassist/ vocalist  “Trayne Rekk’ Kevin Rowland, getting ready to open for punk icons the Dwarves. They have opened for other bigger punk acts like D.O.A, The Supersuckers and plenty of others.

Puttin On the Foil, named after the Hanson Brothers wrapping their hands in oil in the movie Slapshot.  come to Inferno, May 21 to have a good time with the Scallywags and guests.

“ My mom’s from Lethbridge. I’ve always wanted to play there. I remember  driving through there and seeing that big Pilsner building,” Rowland reminisced.

They just released their second CD Fired Up, Ready to Roll on Tuesday, May 12— 10 songs about drinking, fishing and generally having a good time.

“ There’s also a love song ‘Sweet Prairie Vixen’ and ‘Comin’ In Hard is  kind of a love song. So we’re branching out,” Rowland chuckled.

 The band members listen to a lot of different kinds of music.
“ Our guitar player Tim Tim listens to a lot of rock and roll, so that’s why there are  those Ted Nugentish guitar solos. Our drummer is younger so he listens to a lot of the newer stuff. And I listen to Hank Williams and Hank Williams Jr. and the Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy,” he said, adding that is where the band’s sense of fun comes from.

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Zerbin bring a Darling of a show to Lethbridge

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Vancouver/ Victoria/ Edmonton indie pop band/ synth pop band Zerbin have a Darling of a tour planned in support of their new CD.
They play the Slice, May 25 with the Gay Nineties.Zerbin come to Lethbridge May 25. Photo submitted.
“ We started out fine on the west coast and are working our way east,” said frontman Jason Zerbin adding they will hit Lethbridge on the way back home.

 There has been a lot of support for  their latest CD “Darling” and the latest single “World’s on Fire” which was released, April 14.

Multi-instrumentalist Zerbin plus guitarist  Peter Mol and drummer Duran Ritz  are excited to be playing Canadian Music Week in Toronto.
 They are excited to release the new CD.

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