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Black Mastiff take a break from busy home life to hit the highway

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Edmonton heavy rock band Black Mastiff are glad to be coming back to Lethbridge to play the Owl acoustic Lounge withLondon, UK heavy rock quartet Bad Guys, Oct. 25.Black Mastiff bassist Clay Shea. Photo by Richard Amery
“ We’re sad to see the Slice go, but we‘re glad to Owl  decided to  have us,” said Black Mastiff bassist/vocalist  Clay Shea, who is joined by drummer Allan Harding and guitarist Bob Yiannakoulis.

“Our drummer moved  to Vancouver, so we’ve been working on that long distance relationship and still having him as a drummer,” Shea said.
 The trio are working on a new album, but it is still in the beginning stages.

 In the meantime Black mastiff are excited to take a break from a busy home life.
“ I’ve got  an 18 month old and a 3-and-a-half year old, so I’m busier than I ever thought I’d be. So I’ll be glad to get away on tour. My poor wife,” he chuckled.
 They are excited to shared the stage with Bad Guys.

“ Allan and Dave from their band grew up in Saskatchewan but he moved to the UK 17 years ago and they kept in touch or their paths crossed again. So we‘re doing a tour tradeoff. They‘re at the same level as we are. We’ll share our van and our gear here and at a later  date we’ll go over to Europe and tour with them and they’ll return the favour,” he said.

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Zachary Lucky feeling fortunate with family and new CD

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Saskatoon born folk musician Zachary Lucky is feeling, well, lucky. In the three years since releasing his last cd “ the Ballad of Losing You,” Lucky got married , had a daughter and moved to the Toronto area to be  closer to his in-laws.
 His brand new CD “ Everywhere a Man Can Be,” released just a week ago reflects this period of transition.

Zachary Lucky plays Lethbridge, Monday, Oct. 24. Photo submitted
 Lucky, who frequently plays Southern Alberta, brings his band to the Twin Butte store on Oct. 21 and the Owl Acoustic Lounge for their Monday night open mic, Oct. 24.
“I love Southern Alberta, The Twin Butte Store, Lethbridge, Calgary. There are some cool places,” said Lucky from a rest stop along Highway 17 in northern Ontario, where he and bandmates bassist Mitch Thomson, keyboardist Dan Edmonds, pedal steel guitarist Kevin Neal and drummer Will Fisher are on their way to Winnipeg to begin the tour in support of the album.
“I’ve played Lethbridge a lot. I can’t wait to bring these songs and show this band on this tour,” he enthused.

He noted Edmonds’ keyboards are a big part of the new CD’s sound. Edmonds is the only band member who plays on the CD. Lucky has toured with  Mitch Thomson, who accompanied him at his last Lethbridge show at the Farm back in March.
He is pleased with the new CD, noting it marks a period of transition in his life.

“It reflects on the last part of my life. It looks back at  at a lot.  A lot has happened since then. I had my daughter, moved to outside of Toronto and there has been a lot of life lived- a lot of experiences,” he said.
“I wanted this CD to represent a really fresh  new start,” he said .
“ Living in the Toronto area is definitely  feel than Saskatchewan. But Saskatoon  is still a huge part of me. the Toronto area is just where I park my car,” he continued.
 The nine track CD also marks an expansion sonically.

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Fred Eaglesmith returns to Lethbridge with Tif Ginn

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Juno-award winning singer songwriter Fred Eaglesmith has been touring the world singing his amazing songs for close to 40 years, but he tries not to analyze things so much, especially  his fruitful relationship with Austin songwriter Tif Ginn, with whom he is currently in the middle of another tour with which brings him to the Geomatic Attic, Oct. 20.

Fred Eaglesmith and Tif Ginn return to the Geomatic Attic, Oct. 20. Photo by Richard Amery
He is playing with Austin Texas based Tiff Ginn a lot more. In addition to playing harp, two different ukuleles, mandolin, melodica and accordion she also sings and has no fear on stage.
“She’s not afraid to play a bad note. She reminds me of another person who used to be in the band— Willie P Bennett. He was never worried about playing a bad note either,” said the 60-year-old Eaglesmith from a tour stop in Kelowna. He has always played by his own rules, never being swayed by the trend of the week.

“Now I’m more concerned with being honest than good. A lot of people can be as good as me, but nobody can be as bad as me,” he said.

“Even Keith Richard plays bad notes,” he said.
“Anybody can make a good record. I think there’s a button you can push which says ‘make a good sounding record, but not everyone can make an honest sounding record,” he laughed.

“I’m lucky I can keep playing new songs and not have to play the same old songs. A lot of my friends who are big stars have to keep playing their older songs. I can play new songs and people are okay with it,” said Eaglesmith, who has a lot of good songs people always want to hear like “49 tons,”“Freight Train,” and “Time to Get A Gun.” which have been covered by artists like Toby Keith, Allan Jackson, Miranda Lambert and the Cowboy Junkies.
“The Travelling Steamshow broke up. I did that for two years. And the new album is late, so I’m touring with Tif,” he said.

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Double Experience blend nerd culture with rock and roll

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Ottawa based rock and roll trio Double Experience embrace their inner nerds in their music.Double Experience play Attainable Records on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Photo submitted

They will be celebrating their geek-hood with a whole lot of rock and roll at Attainable Records, Oct. 19 with Rainbow Patrol and Field Holler. The show begins at 8 p.m.
 There is a $10 cover.

“ Our music definitely exists  in a rock and roll context, but nerd culture is definitely should be recognizable in it,” said bassist/vocalist Ian Nichols.

 “We like  things like playing video games and collecting comic books and memorabilia. We use science fiction tropes to express things happening in our lives like homesickness. We have a song called ‘Glimmer Stop’ which is about a video game called ‘Destiny’ which sold 35 million copies for X-Box. It‘s deep,” he said.

“We have a song about time travel called ‘See You Soon,’ which is about being on the road and feeling homesick,” he continued.

“And we have a song called SOFINe which is a love song based on the periodic table of the elements and plays on their reactions with each other,” he said.

“But we also cover ‘Godzilla’ from the Blue Oyster Cult because we love that,” he said.
“ We hope that it gets our message across,“ he said.

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Lunch at Allen’s combines talents of Ian Thomas, Murray McLauchlan, Marc Jordan and Cindy Church

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Get ready to be served a cornucopia of hits when Lunch at Allen’s play the Yates Theatre, Oct. 19.Lunch at Allen’s play Lethbridge, Oct. 19. Photo Submitted

When you combine the talents of a four of Canada’s most talented songwriters, you a very intimate and enjoyable show of familiar songs.
Lunch With Allen features the songs and voices of Murray McLauchlan, Ian Thomas, Cindy Church and Marc  Jordan, who each have longstanding solo careers of their own and a have written songs covered by Chicago, Josh Groban, Bonnie Raitt, America, Santana, Cher and Rod Stewart.

 As Lunch at Allen’s they have been performing on and off since the early 2000’s, and have released four CDs and a fifth to be released in January. They return to Lethbridge, Oct. 19.

“We enjoyed it so much, we’re coming back. I can’t remember when we were there, but  it’s been a while,” quipped Marc Jordan, who has written several songs covered by Rod Stewart including Rhythm of My Heart” plus “Marina Del Rey” to name just a few.

“We’ve been together for 10 or 11 years and we try to do 25 dates a year,” said Jordan, who excited  about their new CD “If It Feels Right.”
“It’s the title of one of the songs. We all brought three songs to the record,” he said.

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