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Incura returns to their roots

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Incura returned home to a very warm reception for a show at Inferno, Oct. 11.

While I missed opening acts Obsidian Soul, Accalia and rapper Sin-Sane, all of them and a lot more people clustered in front of the stage, shouting for Incura playing from behind a wall of smoke and lasers.

Kyle Gruninger of Incura. Photo by Richard Amery
 You could see frontman Kyle Gruninger jumping up and down, howling  bombastic and operatic classic metal with quite a bit of Queen included in the mix for the enthusiastic audiences.

 While the band is based out of Vancouver, the core of the band,  frontman Kyle Gruninger and keyboardist Jim McLaren formed the band in Lethbridge, so they were playing for a god sized crowd of their old friends.

I couldn’t see bassist Jon Olson and drummer Phil Gardner  though the smoke, but could definitely hear them.

I also could barely hear guitarist Gatlin Fitzgerald, but  it allowed Gruninger to show off his impressive voice.

 Because he was playing  for old friends, he chatted about the early days of Incura playing at Tommy Dees in Lethbridge and played a lot of really old material including the highlight “ the Greatest Con” in addition to several of  their new songs.
 They played a loud, sweaty and exciting show.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 October 2014 10:22 )

Lots of folk, country and metal music happening this week

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The Geomatic Attic is the place to be this month.
 While The Fred Eaglesmith Show was postponed last week, there is a lot going on.

Morgan Davis will be one of many highlights this week. Photo by Richard Amery
 This week the Geomatic Attic presents two big  country/ folk shows.
Ottawa songwriter Jeremy Fisher performs Oct. 22. he is a storyteller and folk singer who draws deeply  from the pop well for his new CD “The Lemon Squeeze.” Joe Nolan is also on the bill. Tickets cost $30.

The next day, on Oct. 23, the Geomatic Attic bring back Winnipeg based country singer Ridley Bent who has also just released a new CD.  Ridley Bent and guitarist  Chris Dunn will be performing as an acoustic duo at 8 p.m. sharp. Tickets cost $32.50.

The Lethbridge Folk Club opens their Fall season this week with the Wardens and Richard Burke at the Lethbridge College Cave, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. sharp. Tickets cost $25 for non members including a membership or $20 at the door for members. They also hold monthly open mics on the second and fourth Fridays of every month and bluegrass jams on the first and third Fridays at  MJs Cycle (1502 -2nd Avenue South).  They have been redefined as a private members club, so you have to have a membership to attend and  have a drink with them during their open mics  and bluegrass jams. There is an open mic at the Folk Club this Friday at 8 p.m. There is a $2 admission fee to attend.

 There is a lot of rock and metal this week as well.
 The Slice goes metal with San Francisco doom metal band Castle who are touring in support of their new CD “ Under Siege.”
 Local progressive rock trio Lustre Creame and local metal band Obsidian Soul are also on the bill.

 Also on Oct. 23, there is a big metal show  at the Westminster Hall featuring Homewrecker from Ohio, Pharaoh from Baltimore, Calgary's Mortuary Rate and Lethbridge bands  Thought Crime and Dysfunction. Admission is five dollars for this all ages gig, which begins at 7 p.m.

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Ridley Bent duo returning to Lethbridge with new music

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Winnipeg based country singer Ridley Bent is excited about taking his long awaited latest CD “Wildcard” on the road and visiting the Geomatic Attic, Oct. 23.

“ It took about three years,” Ridley Bent returns to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Ameryhe said from Winnipeg, where he has been based out of for the past three years adding he wrote about 30 songs for the CD with the help of his producer and added a solid cover of Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky.”

“ I’ve always loved the groove of that song. And my voice is different enough  so it sound different, but I didn’t want to lose that groove,” he said adding that will be the second single.

“The first time I heard it I didn’t realize it was a Tom Petty song until he started singing,” he said adding Barney Bentall encouraged him to cover the song while  touring with him in the Grand Caribou Opry.
“And I love the chorus ‘Good Love is hard to find.”

 The first single “ The Most Beautiful Woman in the world” has garnered the CD a lot of radio support.
 He drew from a lot of country, folk, rock and a touch of hip hop influences for the new CD from fiddle powered western swing to gospel like on “Good Ol’ Cowboy Angel band.”

“ It‘s not based on anyone I know, but there's this gospel song about a band of angels, so it got me thinking abut the idea of a band of cowboy angels. It’s something that came out of late nights of jamming” he said.

 The western swing influence is apparent on  “High Lonesome.”

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 21 October 2014 10:14 ) Read more...

The Scrags show how Swedes play punk

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There is something about  Scandinavian  music that is  spooky, ominous and kind of dreary and slightly dangerous sounding. But  Scandinavian bands like Stockhom's the Scrags  always put  on intense shows.

 That was definitely  the case as , around midnight on Oct. 9 at the Slice, they started off  their short and sweet set  with shrieking sound effects and echoey vocals similar to the Raveonettes.The Scrags visited Lethbridge,Oct. 9. Photo Richard Amery

 But it was a little more than that.
 While there was a lot of spooky, high energy stuff, they also borrowed a lot from ’60s pre punk and garage rock along the lines of the Stooges and more modern acts like the Hives.

 Lead singer Antonio Fryk writhed and thrashed around the stage like Iggy Pop,  punching at his synthesizer and squeezing shrieking sounds from a  couple of guitar effects units.
 Bassist Joakim Forsgren stood back and grooved while drummer Fredrik Berglund kept time as  guitarist Anton Fors alternated between jangling chords and thrashing, snarling punk riffs.

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Go For the Eyes and Indigo Joseph play eclectic rock

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 It is always great to see Calgary band  Go For the Eyes play Lethbridge.Elise Roller of Go For the Eyes belts out original music. Photo By Richard Amery
 So their Oct. 8 show at the Slice with Indigo Joseph was awesome as always with lots of variety and a lot of people especially for a Wednesday night.
 Lead singer  Elise Roller showed off her phenomenal voice, singing lead vocals and playing  beautiful organ.

 They began their set with a newer, unreleased garage rock style song “ Better With Age,” and  took off from there, exploring elements of  funk, big riffed rock, a touch of jazz and lots of pop. They had a massive groove and  balanced rockers with  lovely, powerful jazz influenced numbers like “Drinking With the Devil.”

It was the last show with their drummer, Nathan Raboud, so the band stepped back and let him show of his skills in a catchy jazzy drum solo. Jeff Turner joined him on stage to add some tasteful solos. Next week at the Owl will be without Elise Roller’s powerful pipes and with a brand new drummer they are testing out.

 If Go For The Eyes  showed variety, Regina's Indigo  Joseph showed a whole lot more.

Go For the Eyes jamming with Indigo Joseph. Photo by Richard Amery

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