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Local music teacher shows his arena rock chops on first solo CD

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Lethbridge music teacher Craig Baceda has released his “labour of love”— his new Cd showcasing the arena rock facet of his multi-faceted  musical personality.

While Baceda doesn’t play a lot of live shows anymore, he is already gaining critical acclaim from all over the world for his 2013 CD “Shredding the Mindset” recorded under the name “ The One and Only.”
HCraig Baceda  produced, recorded and played every instrument on his CD. Photo by Richard Amerye recorded every single instrument for the CD in a studio which he set up in his living room except drums and vocals in a special isolation booth he built downstairs.

“ It has a big arena rock sound,” described Baceda, guitar in hand, who has taught himself to play all different styles of music from jazz and blues to classical and a lot of ’80s style shred guitar.
 He grew up with two professional musicians for parents who enrolled him in vocal lessons at a very young age through which he learned musical theory.

“ My dad was a professional musician who played violin and my mom  played wicked accordion. I had great parents. They enrolled me in voice lessons from  Grade 2-8. And from Grade 6-12, I had percussion lessons,” he said adding that lead to learning drums as he became a touring musician with various bands in his late teens and later taught himself guitar.
“ I already knew all of the theory. I learned how to play guitar out of necessity. I was in a Van Halen tribute band and I had all of these musical ideas I couldn’t properly communicate to the guitarist, so I learned to do it myself,” he said adding he spent 10 years on the road with various touring bands.


Windigo have close connection to Lethbridge

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Calgary indie pop/ dance band  Windigo have close ties with with Lethbridge.Windigo return to Lethbridge this week. Photo submitted

 Since forming in 2011, they have played Lethbridge  five times and recorded two of their albums at the Farm, outside of town with producer Jesse Northey.
 They return to  the Slice, Dec. 6 with Savk and old friends the Ashley Hundred.

“ When you’re a young band, you don’t have any money. So recording in Lethbridge was really the most cost- effective thing to do,” said Anthony Kameka who, along with Jen Severtson, Mitchell Cooper and brand new  guitarist Barry Mason formerly of  Zackariah and the Prophets.

“We played with a band called the Utilities and got their album. It sounded so good that we looked up the producer and it was Jesse, he continued.
 The band  completed their first big tour together back in September.

“We went all the way out to Montreal for  the Pop Montreal festival. It really was a great time. We played Montreal and a couple of shows in Toronto and Winnipeg and Regina and Saskatoon. It really was a lot of fun to go to a cities we had never been before,” he said.
 They are excited to ply Lethbridge again, this time with Savk and old friends the Ashley Hundred.


Steve Bell celebrates 25 year music career

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Steve Bell is more than just a Christian singer.Steve Bell returns to Lethbridge this week. Photo Submitted
 The beloved Winnipeg singer songwriter, who comes to the First Baptist Church on Dec. 4,  has been performing for 25 years, so in honour of that is releasing “Pilgrimage”— a box set of a new CD, three bonus discs and a book. Though he hadn’t intended to have  such a massive celebration.
“ I was just going to release a new CD, ”  he observed  from his Winnipeg office.
 He has released 17 CDs since his 1989 debut “Comfort My People”, sold 300,000 copies and has won numerous awards including two Junos.

Unbeknownst to him, his friends in the musical community  including  Jon Buller, Diana Pops & Adrian Bradford, The Bros. Landreth, Mike Janzen, Carolyn Arends, Glen Soderholm, Bob Bennett, Ego Spank, Gayle Salmond, Jacob Moon, David Jennings, Don Amero and Malcolm Guite decided to record their own versions of Bell’s songs and put them on a CD  as a present  to him, while long time manager Dave Zeglinski decided to add a disc of remixed instrumental versions of Bells songs which he had been using as pre-show music.

 They decided to get the fans involved as well, asking them to choose their favourite Steve Bell songs, which he re-recorded as stripped down acoustic numbers.
“It’s nice to get them involved. The fans have a huge investment into my career,” he said.

 To add the icing to the cake, long time friend and fan, UBC theology professor John Stackhouse Jr. decided to write a keepsake book including a biographical essay and discography.
“I couldn’t be more grateful to everybody who has supported me,” he said.

 He was pleasantly surprised with what the other musicians came up with   covering his songs.
“It’s pretty impressive. There’s a version of ‘Never Mind’ (by Diana Pops and Adrian Bradford) which sounds like a cross between Radiohead. It’s really beautiful, he said adding he had never imagined the song done as an ambient rock song.
 He noted his music changes based on the people he gets to play on  each CD.
“ I don’t really  change my music,  but it does change depending in the musicians I get to play,” he said.


Unleash the Archers on new path with new line up and new album

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Victoria based metal band Unleash the Archers are excited to return to Lethbridge for the first time in at least a couple of years when they return to the Slice, Nov. 26 as part of their Apocaylptour with Order of Chaos with local metal bands Caste of Shadows and Once More for the Captain.Unleash the Archers' Brittney Slayes. Photo by Richard Amery

 They have been all over North America since then played  the Hell and Heaven Music festival in Mexico City with dozens of big names, have released a new EP “  Defy The Skies” in April and have tweaked their line up since their last Lethbridge visit, adding bassist Kyle Sheppard and guitarist Andrew Kingsley who fill out the band’s core of operatic vocalist Brittney Slayes, vocalist Scott Buchanan and drummer Grant Truesdell.

 What follows is the transcript of the interview.
They have enjoyed this year’s tour.
“It has been amazing so far! The Mexico portion was a really good time, lots of packed shows and great weather. It was nice to get a couple days of down time in Los Cabos as well. The U.S. part has been non-stop and a bit gruelling but completely worth it. The shows have been kick ass and we are making a lot of new fans; what more can you ask for,” wrote  Slayes in an e-mail from somewhere between Denver and Salt Lake City.

This is the second them the have toured the United States.

“This is our second time through the US, but we didn’t do a great job of promoting the first tour so it was a little weak. This one we have put quite a bit of time into so the shows have been awesome. We’ve had long-time fans come out in every city, so there are definitely those that know us here. We made a name for ourselves in Canada by touring as often as possible and playing every town we could, so now we are doing the same in the US. There were always people singing along in the crowd every night, so that gives us confidence that we are starting to create a solid US fan-base ,” she continued adding playing the Hell & Heaven Festival in  Mexico City was a blast.

“We played the New Blood stage, which was just off the main thoroughfare on the way to Hell Stage, so we actually had quite the crowd gathered by the time we were done. Limp Bizkit was on the main stage when we were playing, but we actually had several people tell us that you could hear us from there and they left to come see us, so that was a crazy boost of confidence. We got to see Angra, Rob Zombie, Annihilator and Kiss; I was most excited to see Angra though, they’re one of my personal favourites;) Kiss was amazing of course, they put on such a killer live show, and everyone knows most of their songs so you can always sing along whether you’re a die hard fan or not. The production for the Kiss show was probably my favourite part, they were flying around on guy wires and had incredible fireworks and their usual antics; was very entertaining of course,” she enthused.

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