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South Country Fair
Fri, Jul 19
Fort Macleod Fish and Game Park - Fort Macleod


Time: 5 p.m.

weekend pass $116.94 advance,
Student Senior Weekend pass advance $105.86
General Friday Pass $60
 General Saturday evening pass $60
 Saturday afternoon pass $40
 Sunday Afternoon pass  $40
Saturday All day pass $75 Student senior Friday evening pass $60, Senior Student Evening pass Saturday $60 Student Senior Saturday afternoon pass $0 Student Senior Sunday afternoon pass $40
Student Senior  all day pass $70

South Stage

5 p.m. MC John Wort hannam/ Mayoral Address
5:15 Kidz Rock Camp
6:15 Slammers
6:30 workshop— Darling Won’t you Sing me A Love song with Leaf Rapids, Dennis Bouwman, Erin Kay
7:45: Ganges Delta

Wet your palette and immerse yourself in a delicious fusion of flavours steeped in the mysticism of India. Ganges Delta is an international folk fusion ensemble whose sound stirs something beyond borders, awakening new sonic vitas – what the band calls ‘Sound to the Source’.
In this new context, ancient lutes meet analog synths; electro-acoustic tones carry ancient ballads beyond time and space -- heavy grooves moves hips and feet to the frenzied beats of poly-rhythmic bliss. Experience the sonic alchemy born of the confluence of energies, flowing from the ancient to the new.

8:45 Emcee Kris Demeanor, Ali Stuart second place  songwriting competition winner
9 p.m. Leeroy Stagger

"I believe that love and understanding will right the wrongs in the world," says folk-rocker Leeroy Stagger, who certainly tries to convey the sentiment on his sixth album to date, Little Victories, set for immediate release on February 4, 2011. Released on his own label (newly minted Rebeltone Records), Little Victories showcases Stagger's penchant for evocative lyrics and inspired songwriting.10:25 p.m. 10:15 Blue Moon Marquee

Blue Moon Marquee is a gypsy blues band originally from Alberta wild rose country. Cree/ Metis guitarist and vocalist A.W. Cardinal and multi-instrumentalist Jasmine Colette (vocals, bass, drums) write and perform original compositions that merge swing blues and jazz with contemporary sounds and old Native soul.
Formed after an impromptu late night jam and recording session in Feb, 2012, Blue Moon Marquee has been traversing the country for nearly four years, delighting audiences from Alert Bay to Inuvik to Quebec City. Appealing to blues, folk, jazz, swing, rock and indie audiences alike, they have played a wide array of venues from farmer’s markets to jazz festivals. In Feb of 2015 the band enjoyed a Home Routes Aurora Trail circuit, playing fly-in shows to the remote communities of Old Crow, Yukon and Inuvik, NWT. They were the most requested Canadian band for 2016's International Jazz festivals, performing at 9 across the country (Victoria, Lethbridge, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver)
The story of Blue Moon Marquee is one of hard work and bold dreams. A.W. Cardinal grew up as a Cree/Metis youth in the oil town of Rocky Mountain House. An artistic outsider of First Nations ethnicity, he was among a rough culture of Old West “Cowboys and Indians”. Subject to racism and roughneck mentality, A.W. learned to be tough and keen. Like the rest of his family, he eventually went to work in the oil field, a job that feuled his fire for music and art. Duo collaborator Jasmine Colette was born on a grain farm near Carbon, AB. Doing her share of farm work at eight years old, she heard a cassette tape of Alberta singer- songwriter Bill Bourne. It was then that she decided she would become a musician and thirteen years later was on tour with Bill Bourne, playing bass and singing harmonies.
Appreciated for their authenticity, Blue Moon Marquee’s songs tell stories of emotion and sense of being, of place. The songs have a lot of atmosphere and texture they are about the relationships of human beings and the way we live. Weaving narratives of personal experience and atmospheric character portraits , mixed heritage communities and their artistic expression. It is perhaps this connection to Canada’s working class that draws so many to their music, crossing many of the usual genre, age and cultural barriers. The songs are our own arrangements, our own words, our own style of working and we are able to perform in our own way that is uniquely ours. Blue Moon Marquee is a live duo act with the energy and sound of a full band. Jasmine Colette, the rhythm section, not only commands the upright bass but also keeps the swing with her feet while singing harmonies. A.W. howls and moans with a distinctive smoky vocal and jazz tinged blues guitar. Stylistically, the music sways easily from swing to boogie to folk, with imaginative renderings of classical blues riffs and a hint of jazz and gypsy freedom. Our passionate performances evoke a deep emotional response from our audience. It is not uncommon to have people approach us after our shows and share how touched they were by our performance, explaining various trials that have lived through. For them, Blue Moon Marquee seems to provide a comfort or solace, an escape or clarity of thought. A nighttime burning through the smooth and rocky, and to be gone where one is moved to go. It is our goal and artistic vision to keep creating music that connects humans of all variations and share our creative endeavours with the world on a professional level through touring and live performance.

11:30 Peter and the Wolves

Howlin' Pete Cormier: Guitar, piano, lead vocals
Jason "Pedro" Lowe: Upright bass
Cody Voyer: Drums

Sydney Zadravec: vocals
Deicha Carter: vocals
Meaghan Thompson: Alto sax, vocals

Calgary’s Peter & the Wolves, are an old fashioned rock and roll band bent on makin’ you wanna kick out your chair shake it all night long!
12:45 Revel in Dimes

If the delta blues gave birth to yet another slew of gold records why wasn’t anyone dancing?

After each gig as hired guns in too many New York City bands, this is the question that Eric Simons (guitar) and Washington “Washy” Duke (drums) found themselves asking. Their answer involved meditating over juke rhythms from Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside and covering their tracks with electrified Charlie Patton riffs.

When Kia Warren saw them play for the first time – two guys covering T. Model Ford at full volume on a Sunday at the Surf Lodge in Montauk – their live set stopped her in her tracks. Amid the grooves, there was grittiness to their music that her roots in Gospel and R&B hadn’t yet given her the opportunity to explore. She convinced them on the spot to let her join on vocals for a few tracks, and Revel In Dimes was born.

Multi-instrumentalist Chris “Premo” Waller (bass) joined shortly after picking up an unsolicited “seeking bass player” call. A veteran of New York City’s vast underground music circuit, Waller’s experience playing everything from hardcore punk, to soul, to psychedelic rock enabled him to bring a groove to even the most frenetic jams.

Together, Revel In Dimes is a band that knows where it came from, but refuses to follow the same routes as its contemporaries to get where it’s going. And like the best blues, their music can’t be explained so much as it must be felt.

“Though Revel in Dimes hails from Brooklyn, the percussive elements on "Runnin'" are warm and wispy, reminiscent of a hot summer afternoon somewhere Southern.” -The Deli Magazine

“We first heard Revel in Dimes perform on a balmy summer night at The Surf Lodge in Montauk and, ever since, we just can’t get enough of their soulful sound. Their tunes are a little rock and roll with the right amounts of blues and jazz mixed in, plus an undercurrent of just-plain-cool old-school. Their melody and deep rhythms epitomize the kind of live music that concerts were made for — you won’t be able to resist jumping up and jamming.” -Tori Daily

“Its sound is pure American, a little Mississippi blues crossed with a little Chicago blues, pushed by driving bass and drums.” -Baylis Geen, East Magazine

Awareness tent Lotus land
5 p.m. Adult Choir rehearsal with in Cahoots
7 p.m.
 Noble Central Slammers Belinda Anker, Effie Shenton, Tere Jurado, Tristan Spencer, Molly Abouman
8 p.m. Madina Ali
9 p.m. Thorsten Nesch
11 p.m. Lethbridge Independent Film Society  presents animations, experimental films and late night spooks


Fort Macleod Fish and Game Park   -   Website
Lyndon Road
T0L 0Z0
Fort Macleod
Country: ca


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