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South Country Fair
Sat, Jul 20
Fort Macleod Fish and Game Park - Fort Macleod


Time: 11 a.m.
weekend pass $116.94 advance,
Student Senior Weekend pass advance $105.86
General Friday Pass $60
 General Saturday evening pass $60
 Saturday afternoon pass $40
 Sunday Afternoon pass  $40
Saturday All day pass $75 Student senior Friday evening pass $60, Senior Student Evening pass Saturday $60 Student Senior Saturday afternoon pass $0 Student Senior Sunday afternoon pass $40
Student Senior  all day pass $70
South stage:


Emcee Leeroy Stagger
11 a.m. Blackfoot Medicine Speaks
Noon NLA Workshop with Lise Schultz
1 p.m. Sandra Lamouche Hoop dancing
1:30 p.m. Abigail Lapell

Call it prairie noir, or Canadiana desert rock: Abigail Lapell sings haunting, gorgeous modern folk songs, mapping epic natural landscapes and deeply intimate, personal territory. The Toronto vocalist, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist has released three acclaimed solo albums. Hide Nor Hair, her Chris Stringer-produced sophomore LP, won a Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year in 2017. Since then, Lapell has been on the road, touring across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and playing at festivals like Pop Montreal, Mariposa, In The Dead Of Winter, Tiny Lights and Folk On The Rocks. Getaway, , Lapell’s ambitious third release, is out February 1st 2019 on Coax Records/Outside.

2:45 p.m. : Workshop There’s A party Going on with Jack Garton, Bad Buddy , Revel in Dimes
4 p.m. Volunteer photo
4:30 p.m. Emcee Andrew Scott
 Ryland Moranz

Ryland Moranz was born a singer-songwriter.

Originally hailing from Fort Macleod, Alberta, Ryland currently resides within the quaint musical community and picturesque surroundings of Lethbridge.   His concise and lyrically driven songwriting is deep beyond his years with an emphasis on storytelling and an increasing awareness that life is always bigger than you think it is.  Sometimes politically satirical and often offset with fun loving humour, Ryland’s wit and social conscience shine through in the well crafted vernacular of a songwriter that has found what they believe in.  Accompanying himself with acoustic guitar, tenor guitar, Harmonica, and banjo, his multi instrumental approach provides the perfect foil to the words he puts to paper.

A warm and engaging performer, Ryland has shared bills with great acts like Luke Doucet, Pokey Lafarge, John Wort Hannam, C.R. Avery, Corb Lund, and Soda Pony as well as playing as a member of Leeroy Stagger and the Rebeltone Sound. 

Although music has always been the medium, what really runs through Ryland’s blood is words.  Crafting in the spirit of great departed songsmiths like Blaze Foley and Willie P. Bennett, Ryland has developed his particular style of performance and delivery around the chosen message.  An avid and self proclaimed history nerd, he draws stories from historic example and contemporary experience blending the common truths that bind it all together.  The result is an honest and empathetic look at the world through a lens of a would-be true believer in search of answers.  An introspective illusionist.  A dreaming explorer.  A believer in the knowledge that the words you speak should always mean something.5:45 : Slammers
6 p.m.: Tom Phillips

TOM PHILLIPS AND THE D.T.’S Calgary, Alberta Band leader. Honky-tonk hero. Even soundtrack writer for a book (a Canadian first, for a Will Ferguson novel.) Survivor and singer of cautionary tales. You want it, you got it from Tom Phillips, whose career’s turned itself inside out so often that at times he appears to be a shape shifter. During the past few years, Phillips’ transformation was also physical as he swapped alcohol for coffee and his trademark cowboy boots and shirts for polished shoes and tailored suits. But appearances distract, and Phillips is no shape shifter: if you took a musical x-ray during every incarnation, you’d find song writing as the bedrock under the suits, boots, cowboy hats and skin. Which explains why revered blues artist Eric Bibb covered Phillips’ touchstone tune, Ribbons and Bows, on one of his albums. An esteemed statesperson of the Calgary music scene, Phillips earned his laurels over decades. He recorded with Gordon Lightfoot’s band in Toronto before releasing several albums, both live and in studio, with his legendary long time honky-tonk band The Men of Constant Sorrow (MOCS). He also released an acoustic solo album, paid homage to Hank Williams on the Sorrow Bound project, and smashed his comfort zone with a daring, darling album of cover songs from punk and rock territory. He’s often found anchoring musical gatherings that celebrate the songs of Haggard, Dylan, Springsteen and Lightfoot. The evolution continues on his most recent work with the D.T.’s (Difficult Transitions). The band formed serendipitously at bars and open stages, learning Phillips’ most recent songs onstage just in time for his last record. With MOCS veteran Tim Leacock (The Co-Dependents), Ian Grant (Art Bergmann, Cat Ranch), Geoff Brock and sisters Shaye and Sydney Zadravec, the D.T.’s translate Phillips’ songs into live performances that deliver musical delights which offer style without flash. So take a musical walk with Phillips and gaze at life through his seasoned eyes. He’s got it covered with a hundred songs that undress truths so simple they’re frightening. Ever cheated on a lover, driven home drunk, been bucked off your horse, or been the last person in the bar when the lights came up? If you’ve been stranded on the highway, woken up in the wrong bed, walked home barefoot in a ball gown in the morning rain, or wished you could have a re-do on any of these choices, Phillips has a song for you. MLW7:15: Curt Young and the Healers
8:30 Emcee Ryland Moranz

Joshua Bebee first place songwriting competition winner
9:45 p.m.: Jack Garton and Demon Squadron

The roots roller-coaster band Demon Squadron is the engine behind Jack Garton’s songs. Formed in 2013 and named after Garton’s grandfather’s special ops flight squadron in WWII, the band is a highly-trained crew of Vancouver’s most unique musical talent. From rockabilly to rocksteady, country to cajun, every show is roots music mayhem executed with classic showmanship and wry humour. While touring Western Canada, Washington State and Alaska, the Squadron has been honoured to serve on festival main stages, concert halls, theatres, clubs and cook-outs. It’s all in the line of duty for BC’s rambling servicemen and women as they continue to wage Garton’s campaigns of heavy honesty and devastating joy throughout the region.

Gen. Jack Garton – accordion/trumpet/songs/strategy
M Gen.  Amrit Basi – Drums
Br. Gen.  Brendon Hartley – Bass
Lt. Adam Farnsworth – keys
Col. Steven Drake – lap steel
M. Sage Trampleasure – violin

…and introducing the Demon Squadron’s newest member, Joel Fernandes on the electric guitar!10:50m Circus act Insomniacs
12:30 a.m.  Captain Tractor

What can be said about a band that has survived for 25 years? They are talented, versatile, energetic, and most of all, fun. Their sound is best described as an energetic combination of folk, pop, Celtic, punk and rock. Unique? You bet!

Captain Tractor's live show "never fails to bring the house down". With versatile writers and every member a fine musician, each show is a roller coaster ride of fun and mayhem, and you never know what's going to happen from night to night. Playing way over a 1,000 shows (Canada, USA, Europe and New Zealand) since their formation has made this band of misfits a tight, sought-after Canadian sensation.

The band has won many awards throughout their history including ARIA awards for single of the year and recording artist of the year.

East Stage

11 a.m. Emcee mark Sadlier Brown
noon Songs of Sage advice Tom Phillips, Mark Sadlier Brown, Curt Young, Abigail Lapelle
1:05:Tara Warburton

They come in whispers she’ll say, if you ask singer/songwriter Tara Warburton what inspires her songs. Her soulful, raw and even sometimes all too real songs evoke emotion and relatability amongst audiences. Bordering country-folk-indie rock, she says she’s never been one for labels, but rather sings and writes what feels right in the moment.

Warburton started playing guitar at the age of 16, now nearly 20 years later, you can hear remnants of a teenage girl who listened to a bit of everything, but admittedly had a soft spot for Norah Jones, Patti Griffin, Janis Joplin, and Joni Mitchell.
Following the 2018 SCF Song writing contest win, she released the single “Raise Up My Spirits” on all platforms including iTunes and now heads back to the studio to complete her first EP release, expected this Fall.

2:30 p.m. Rancho Deluxe

We're All from round here , we share a love of old school roots and country, and play those songs that go straight to the bone, we write about South Alberta , past present and future, from the footstompin to the heartbreakin..

Tyler Bird :Lead guitar, singin, accordion, fiddle. Brad Brouwer Drums, percussion.George Arsene: singin and guitar,.Danny Dyck ; pedal steel and guitar, Paul Holden; Bass and Mandolin sometimes we are joined by a friend or two when the cards are right...3:24 Dennis Boumann
 3 p.m. emcee Gillian Moranz

 Co z y is a beat-driven lyricist with a broad range of influences, taking inspiration from many genres (including, but not limited to, funk, r+b, folk, and pop). With her music, c o z y hopes to bring people into her world of experiences and give them as clear a picture of her perspective as she can.
Throughout her songs, c o z y weaves strong lyrical themes of femininity, sexuality, and reclamation of personal identity within a vulnerable context of self examination. With undeniable groove and hilarious wordplay, she delves into valuable conversations about love, family, and confidence throughout her playful debut album “c o z y” (Released April 28th 2017 through Nyhla Records).
Along with writing and producing her own music, c o z y also produces music for other artists. She graduated from Nimbus School of the Recording Arts and Media last August with a diploma in Advanced Music Production.
5:35 p.m. Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy is a foursome making fearsome rock tunes. They’re scrappy as hell and riled up with primal riffs, gang vocals and a whole lotta snarl. Expect a little bit of surf, a dash of Motown and plenty of rip.

Bad Buddy is Emily Bachynski (guitar, vocals), Alex Vissia (bass, vocals), Andrea Vissia (guitar, vocals) and Geoffrey O'Brien (drums).

Lotus Land
9 a.m. Twin hearts Meditation and Super brain yogawith Kurt and Patti
10 a.m. 26 Foundational Yoga poses with Martha Affleck
 Tibetian bowl meditation
11 a.,m. Conscious Connected Breathwoork with Giselle Gillard
noon Demo Thai Coooking with Krit Niamjin
1 p.m. Songwriting workshop with Curt Young and the Healers at awareness tipi
Ukulele workshop for beginners with Andrew Scott
2 p.m. intro to hoop Dancing with sandra lamouche awareness tipi
3 p.m. Healing Energies and massage technique Mikka Corbeil
4 p.m. Psychic Sampler with Wendy Aikens
5 p.m. Adult Choir rehearsal with InCahoots
7 p.m. Adrienne Adams
8 p.m David Roberts
9 p.m. mel Vee
10 p.m. Lethbridge Independent Film Society  Saturday Summer Spooks


Fort Macleod Fish and Game Park   -   Website
Lyndon Road
T0L 0Z0
Fort Macleod
Country: ca


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