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South Country Fair
Sun, Jul 21
Fort Macleod Fish and Game Park - Fort Macleod


Time: noon

Tickets: weekend pass $116.94 advance,
Student Senior Weekend pass advance $105.86
General Friday Pass $60
 General Saturday evening pass $60
 Saturday afternoon pass $40
 Sunday Afternoon pass  $40
Saturday All day pass $75 Student senior Friday evening pass $60, Senior Student Evening pass Saturday $60 Student Senior Saturday afternoon pass $0 Student Senior Sunday afternoon pass $40
Student Senior  all day pass $70

 Fort Macleod— South Country Fair
South Stage
noon Ntlt Workshop with  Lise Schultz
1:30 p.m. Emcee Chris Wynters
 Adult Choir with In Cahoots
2 p.m. Los  Pachamamay Flor amargo

3:30 p.m. Emcee John Wort hannam
Leaf Rapids

It started the way all good things do, with a story, one that emerged from the time-shrouded attics of Keri Latimer’s family history. A tale of the great-grandmother she knew only as tiny and soft-spoken, a gentle soul who only spoke Japanese. Who would have guessed that once, in her youth, that same little old lady stabbed a man with a pair of barbershop shears?

That tale became the torch to light a new journey. As the years turned, Keri plunged into the depths of her family’s ancestral memories, resurfacing with stories like jewels that had been tucked away and forgotten. These she polished and kept safe, waiting until it was time to hold their colours up to the light once more.

Now, all of those stories come together on Citizen Alien, the brand-new sophomore album from Winnipeg folk duo Leaf Rapids. The project is a labour of love for Keri and her husband, Devin Latimer. Through their own family’s stories they created a new world from the old, delving into the intimate truths told by voices from decades long gone.

Each of the album’s 10 songs spins out a thread, binding history and identity to time and place. Threads that crossed oceans, stretched from Kyoto to Iceland’s wind-whipped northern coast, tangled in the heart of the Canadian prairie. Stories of lives that crept forward in boats across the water, lunches packed in liquor-store bags and battered suitcases bursting at their seams. There is an openness on this record. There is space. It spans out like the vastness between stars. The liquid silver of Keri’s voice spills over a brushed snare, a Theremin trill, an acoustic guitar; all are given room to speak fully. Maybe it’s partly that they recorded Keri’s vocals first, an approach she’d never tried before, either as Leaf Rapids or her previous incarnation as part of Juno Award-winning alt-country quartet Nathan.

Whatever its genesis, Citizen Alien’s soundscape is intoxicating. Co-produced with acclaimed Winnipeg multi-instrumentalist and composer Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities, The Sheepdogs), the record saunters from the summery strums of the opener, Dear Sister, to the wintery harmonies of Caragana Switch with Alexa Dirks (Begonia) and Grant Davidson (Slow Leaves). Whimsical melodies strike a stark contrast with unsettling imagery, all of it playing out in the mind like an old sepia-toned movie. For Keri, who also scores for film, that flickering cinematic quality is intentional: it crystallizes the convergence of her composing life, her folk life, and the life of her family.

But this is not only a personal record. Every family has stories of people who crossed oceans, who survived, who struggled and tried. People who knew injustice. And though some of those stories now fade into the haze of time, the truth of them remains vivid. Consider the album’s title track, declaration of love between ancestors divided by the travesty of Canada’s Second World War-era Japanese internment camps; if the same thing happened today, Keri points out, she and Devin would be split up, their children taken away.

Today, that kind of horror still threatens. Hate still festers, and power still tries to push human lives into the divide. But there is hope. Because, as Citizen Alien shows, we are all the dream of a future our forebears once had. Every day, we carry that dream forward in the stories we are heir to and the wisdom they hold, and every day, we have a chance to let those tales shine.

4:45 p.m. Family Values workshop with Captain Tractor, Gillian Moranz, Ryland Moranz Leeroy Stagger

East Stage

 noon Big Grass jam
1:30 p.m.  Nasti Weather and the False Predictions

Nasti Weather is a remarkably gifted singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She makes transformative music straight from the soul. Her lyrics are drenched in authenticity, poetry, and sentiment. She strums the banjo into oblivion while beautifully belting heartfelt wax poetic words. Her haunting and powerful voice is, however, the vintage vehicle driving her music. She sounds like Janis Joplin, Etta James and Lucinda Williams had some elegant, rock and roll, trailer park love child.

Nasti Weather shimmers through in the modern sea of autotune and Ableton. As Erykah Badu would put it “she is an analog girl in the digital world”.  Nasti has also embodied a fascination and aptitude towards music. She grew up listening to jazz music and is vocally inspired by the female icons of the genre. She later discovered her love of punk, garage, freak folk, and art rock.

Ana started writing poetry at a young age which eventually turned into songwriting. She found a ukulele rotting in the woods and decided to learn it, how is that for a gutter punk princess fantasy? She then taught herself the banjo and has become highly skilled at both instruments. It appears as if her banjo is an extension of her body when she performs, it’s an elongation of her spirit.

Ana lives and performs frequently in the ever insisting East Vancouver. She decided to start Nasti Weather in 2017 and has continued to refine her craft. She collaborates with local icons such as High Society and Red Haven. Ana has just recently released the debut EP for Nasti Weather, is an extraordinary collection of transformative material. She is now working on funding her highly anticipated full-length album. She performs frequently in various venues across Vancouver. Her performances are more like experiences that rattle you to the core.

2:10 p.m. Erin Kay

For her sophomore album, singer-songwriter Erin Kay wanted to keep her songs simple and raw. But working with producer Grammy nominated producer Miles Wilkinson (Guy Clark), the arrangements grew and flourished into the wild and rich debut full length album, Silver and Gold. Slowly put together over two years, the record is an expansive release, with big melodies and big heart.

The record began after Erin Kay left B.C. with her then 1-year-old daughter, ending up in Alberta, a single mother. Kay began to write herself a new story, and in reconstituting her experience into a backstory, those narrative foundations became songs. Silver and Gold, which would become the title track on the album, found Erin scribing her pain and optimism into narrative by being as honest as she could about what she had been through. The album debuted Nationally at #5 on ear shots folk/roots/blues chart and has now been nominated for three Edmonton Music awards.

Silver and Gold represent what is promised – a ring, a medal – but can be found for yourself if you truly look for it. Sifting through the dirt of our lives, we can find and cultivate what’s precious, we do not have to wait until it is given to us.

The album features empowering narratives of breaking free from one’s life, and finding love through trying circumstances. The album also includes a powerful pop lullaby, sung for Kay’s daughter: the heartfelt ‘You are the Moon’ which even features a children’s choir and a recording of the daughter herself.

There is a contour to Kay’s voice that speaks volumes. Soft melodies unfold with a delicate breath akin to Joni Mitchell, and then escalate with a learned boldness. At once piercing and fragile, empathetic and independent, Kay carves new paths with unparalleled courage.

Kay hopes that her music will inspire others to see what’s precious in their own lives, and reclaim their own stories, specifically women struggling with abuse. Kay is taking this even further by spearheading an initiative entitled ‘I am Enough,’ which puts female identified artists on stage to share their music and stories while raising funds to support Women’s United.

3:15 p.m. : Here for an old Time not a longtime workshop with Petunia, Howlin Pete Cormier, Blue Moon Marquee


Lotus land
9 a.m. Twin hearts Meditation and the 5 Tibetians with Kurt and Patti
10 a.m. 26 Foundational Yoga poses with Martha Affleck
 Sound Healing drum journey and Psoas release and Giselle Gilliard Lotus land
11 a.m. Orthobionomy with Dannard Willikso Lotus land
noon Gorsa Detox Massage and Thai Massage basics with Sheena and Krit  Niamjin
1 p.m. Healing energies and  Massage Technique Mikka Corbeil Lotus land
2 p.m. BIG banishing for Big BS with Wendy Aikins Lotus land


Fort Macleod Fish and Game Park   -   Website
Lyndon Road
T0L 0Z0
Fort Macleod
Country: ca


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