Raw punk and metal with Artificial Dissemination


A solid core of the Lethbridge punk community was at Inferno, June 25 with an excellent show of punk and metal.Artificial Dissemination playing punk at Inferno. Photo by Richard Amery

 I missed opening act Perception of Pain but caught another great set by Lock N’ Load.
 They played their usual strong set of original Metallica style originals with plenty of galloping riffs and some fretboard tapping and a whole lot of energy.

I was blown away by Ontario punk duo Artificial Dissemination— drummer/ lead singer Jamie Problem and guitarist/vocalist Shawna Heist who blended hard core punk, street punk and surf into their own thing. They had a lot of anger and intensity, some cool guitar parts as drummer vocalist Jamie Problem railed about police and corruption and the ails of modern civilization.

 Shawna Heist shouted background vocals and supplied big guitar reminding me of a stripped down, more punk rock Nashville Pussy.

 They talked about having van trouble and having to be towed into Lethbridge and thanked Lock N  Load for letting them borrow their drum kit and amp as they could only fit so much gear into the cab over to Inferno.
 They played a little bit of surf rock and after midnights, promised to play four last songs rally fast. But they were still called back for an encore of a song called “Dirty Glasses.”

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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