Berserker and the Youngbloods rock the Slice for CD release party


 It was another night of punk at the Slice, Saturday, Sept. 17 for Berserker’s  CD release party.


Berserker playing their CD release Party, July 17 at the Slice. Photo by Richard Amery

 I missed Revanchist, but was in time for another incendiary set from the Youngbloods, who I haven’t seen for several years.


 They played a tight, energetic set of pop punk and screamo music.


 Frontman Kyle Hogan wound up in the middle of the good sized crowd to stand up on a table or two and scream into his mic.


 The channelled a bit of Rage Against the Machine with some grinding riffs, but there were also a lot of catchy gang vocals and whoa whoah whoah  choruses.


 Berserker is Jon Vornbrock backed by most of local punk band Sessions including Brian Kostersky on vocals and guitar, bassist/vocalist James Myer and drummer Beau Sommerfeldt.


 They had a strong emo/ ’90s 2000s alternative rock with a touch of the Foo Fighters and a little Rage against the Machine.


The Youngbloods returned to the Slice, July 17. Photo by Richard Amery

 But, because it was Vornbrock on vocals and guitar, they also had a similar ’90s sound to one of his other alternative rock bands the Supervoid.


 They played an intense, tight and loud set of original music from their CD“Welcome To Hollywoodland,” though I thought I recognized a Supervoid song  in the set..

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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