Robert Bechtel revisits his influences in Lineage at Casa


Local artist Rob Bechtel goes back to his originals influences for his new Exhibit  “Lineage” in the Concourse Gallery, one of five new exhibits opening tonight, JunRobert Bechtel explores his artistic roots in Lineage. Photo by Richard Amerye 23.

“I started thinking of my influences when I was starting out as an artists. There are so many of them — a lot of twentieth century artists,” Bechtel said, noting his exhibit includes the oil and canvass works he is known for which he created at the McNally Arts Centre studio as well as ink on paper he completed at home.

“ I can’t get  to the studio every day, so I’ve been doing a lot more  work on paper at home,” he observed, adding all of the works were completed in 2017 and 2018.

“There is a long list of artistic styles I’m inspired by, especially impressionists, he said noting many of the  works are his impressionistic studies of scenes  around his home and around Southern Alberta.


 The exhibitions run until Aug. 24.The opening reception is 7-9 p.m. at Casa for for Bechtel’s “Lineage” as well as C Blake Everneden’s “Cinematic Imaginings,” Kari Lehr and Karen Tamminga-Paton’s Beloved” in the main gallery,  Peak Support Services art classes “Monsters” in the Concourse showcase and   Alison Grigg’s  group show “Do not Touch The Art,” in the Passage Gallery.

— by Richard Amery, L.a. Beat Editor