Girls, Girls, Girls are cool, cool, cool

Girls, Girls, Girls doesn’t have a one girl in the band and no, they aren’t a Motley Crue tribute band. Instead they are a talented trio from London, altEngland who  incorporate a lot of 90s Brit rock influences like Blur into their new CD, ‘Songs for Grilly.’  They also show off a little bit of Beatles influence on ‘A Lover’s Portrait’ in which piano is incorporated into the drums/bass/ guitar mix which even includes a blues tinged riff.
 The best track on the CD s “American Girlfriend,” which sounds like Blur playing uptempo jazzy blues mixed with early Genesis. ‘The Boys’ is excellent, reflecting some early 80s British punk. They actually play a waltz, french cabaret style on ‘Old Amsterdam Waltz.’
And ‘Transplant’ wouldn’t be out of place on a Damned album.
 And just to  do something different, like ‘Songs for Grilly ’ isn’t different enough, it ends with an ancient gypsy sounding song. “Sad Sea Shanty for Igor Kornelyuk.”
Girls, Girls, Girls are cool, cool,  cool — and diverse.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor
CD: Songs for Grilly
 Band: Girls, Girls, Girls
Genre: unusual rock