Velvety tones on Kall’s Notes In Neon

If you like the likes of Jack Johnson and John Mayer’s blues tinged acoustic pop, you will like Montreal singer songwriter Arthur Kall.
His debut Cd, ‘Notes In Neon’ features some catchy hooks and his pleasantly soulful poppy  pleasant, velvety voice which remains in the vein of McMaster and James.alt
 I like “Grow Up” quite a bit as well as the first track.. The Cd starts uptempo for the first three tracks, then he turns it right down, but displays some pretty  arpeggios playing on the acoustic guitar. ‘Jealousy’ has the Beatles’  ‘Blackbird’ feel to it.
 there is some serious guitar playing happening in the background, but that is relegated to the background  so as to not take away from the songs. While a lot of it is slower tempo then I usually like, it is a nice, relaxing mellow listen, to plug in on those stormy, chilly, miserable days when you’d rather just stay inside.
At the end he does something weird — combines folk, electric guitar rock and hip hop courtesy of  the Underground Realroad on “Can’t Stop,” which does feature a  few bad words. It makes that track, one of my favourites, stand out from the rest. It works really well.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: Notes in Neon
Artist: Arthur Kall
Genre: pop
record label: independent