Jesse and the Dandelions search for their sound

Jesse and the Dandelions are an up and coming local band still in search of  their soundJesse and the Dandelions..
They display  several different facets of their personality on their new three song self-produced and designed EP, ‘The Lion’s Tooth EP.’
The first track, ‘Plans’ is an almost Beatlesque  slice of folk tinged pop, during which singer/guitarist Jesse Northey shows off his ’50s and ’60s  style vocal melodies.
“Cait From L.A.” is another ambient more Radiohead style  folk/pop number with some pretty arpeggios and a pleasant vocal melody.
 On the other hand, the third track, and my favourite “The Van Song” is a flat out four on the floor punk pop rocker which  sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place on a Weakerthans CD. It sounds like it was recorded live with the three band members, Northey and  vocalist drummer  Nick  Vedres and bassist Chris Banman. It’s fun, loud and raucous.
The EP doesn’t completely capture the energy of their live show, but it is an excellent start.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor
CD: The Lions Tooth EP
Band: Jesse and the Dandelions
Genre: pop/rock
Label: indie