Harp madness with Carlos Del Junco


If you have even cursory interest in blues harmonica playing, do yourself a favour and check out Havana born, Toronto based Carlos Del Junco — first check out his CD  ‘Steady Moving,’ then his show at the Geomatic Attic, March 28. The mostly instrumental CD is impressive with stunning chromatic melody lines on his 10 hole harmonica , lots of mind blowing playing and note bending.

 altDel Junco drops the names of numerous Canadian communities in “Mashed Potatoes Canada,” a tribute to James Brown.

The first track, ‘Diddle it’  features some of Del Junco’s hottest harp licks backed by some steady stand up bass.

His version of ‘Amazing Grace is pretty sweet and features some of his patented harp note bending and ’overblowing.’

He plays the blues, jazz and more exotic things like on  “Simple Life,” he’s backed by a tight though understated band, who are content to sit back and let Del Junco shine, adding laid back slide guitar and the odd bass.

‘Bye For now,’ features an intricate, almost classical riff infused over something you might hear in a dirty old hillbilly bar, then slows right down.

The last track ‘Doodle it’ features some  a down home banjo solo, while featuring a wicked descending riff. Very cool. Interested in harp playing? Just talk to Carlos.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor
CD: Steady Movin’
Artist: Carlos del Junco
Genre: blues
Record Label: Northern Blues