Dean Selena’s name has changed but the sound remains the same — almost


You might remember Dean Selena as the Richard Doerksen band. Well, they’re back with a sweet new CD “What is Unchanged.”

Musically the new CDClick to listen now! branches out from Doerksen’s debut CD, which was a lot more ambient and layered and on which he played all of the instruments. On the new CD,   the band, Daniel Enns and drummer Daniel Puurveen plays behind Doerksen’s music

There is still  quite a bit of piano powered ambiance on ‘Feel You’ and ‘Trick To My Head,’ however he branches out into a little bit of blues rock on ‘Where’d You Run To Now?’

Dean Selena’s tribute the Lethbridge , ‘There’s No Stopping the Wind,” is an up beat, poppy highlight.
‘City on Fire’ is a darker, slower, more rock influenced number which is another highlight.

‘Then  It  was Over’ is a dirty slower tempo rocker that wouldn’t be out of place on a  Radiohead CD.
 So for an easy and enjoyable listen, check out this Lethbridge duo.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor
CD: What is Unchanged
Artist: Dean Selena
Genre: pop/rock
Record company: indie