Double Jack at home on modern rock scene

Local grunge/alternative band Double Jack is back with their third CD, well a four song taster of a soon to be released full length CD. The tracks are ‘Into The Flood,’ ‘Sleep Tight,’ ‘Bullets,’ ‘Disappear.’
Click here to hear Double Jack.there are elements of pretty much any ’90s grunge/alternative rock on this sampler from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam to Living Colour (especially on the first track) a fair amount of Metallica and even a little Kiss.
So there are plenty of detuned riffs, some classic rock blues tinged  solos and thunderous drums.
On the other hand they also have a slower darker themed number with pretty arpeggios on ‘Bullets.’
They also have a straight ahead power ballad on ‘Disappear.’ Marc Belisle sings the slower numbers as well as he can scream like Soundgarden’s  Chris Cornell on the more up tempo numbers.
Throughout there is some excellent guitar work happening with complicated riffs and some excellent solos which would put any of the tracks at home on modern rock radio.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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CD: Into The Flood
Band: Double Jack
Genre: grunge/alternative
Record label: indie