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Thrashomatic and Darkness Rising
Sat, Jul 11


Saturday, July 11th...
@ the Vent in Coaldale

Darkness Rising
Double Odd Gutshot
and guests!

$5 bucks at the door
Bands @ 9pm.

 Darkness Rising was formed by A.J. Kovar and Duncan Chilshom in November of 2007. The two quickly found a bassist in friend Steven Cullis. Guitarist Matt Herauf joined the band and they set out to make modernized Thrash metal with influences such as Metallica, Slayer, Sodom,Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Megadeth, Maiden and Sabbath. The band hopes to tear up the Calgary metal scene and join Canadian metal giants such as 3 Inches of Blood, Annihillator, Anvil and Cryptopsy. 

Like a high rise skyscraper, the foundation of Thrashomatic was laid in the grounds of Red Deer Alberta Canada by lyricist and lead guitarist Kyle Anthony Forrest (former Haz-Mat) and rhythm guitarist Kyle Parsons in June of 2007. While ripping through some Haz-Mat originals and a few classic Thrash covers, the guitar team ran the idea of getting a new act on the go to (former Haz-Mat) drummer Nick Davies in November of 2007 in which an agreement was made along with one more member to this classic Thrash act. With an introduction through a friend of the band, Kyle Anthony Forrest met with a young mastermind of music, bassist Jackson Gillatt in February of 2008. Giving Gillatt one week to write a bass line for the EP, they met for a jam with the group the following week. Let's just say he destroyed all expectations thus introducing a full line up for Thrashomatic!

As many delays with building plans do happen, Kyle Parsons left Thrashomatic in late March 2008. This in no way was to slow down progress for the group. Recording followed as scheduled in early June of 2008. More delays had come and gone through out the process of the album release, but out side of a Metal show in Calgary, Nick and Kyle were approached by guitarist and fan Graham Maubert, digging for his opportunity to try out for the band. He was later hired on as the new rhythm guitarist in September of 2008. November 6th 2008 Thrashomatic's Unexpected (EP) was released and unleashed to the world.

With many influences such as Metallica/ Megadeth/ Sepultura/ Slayer/ Anthrax/ Judas Priest/ Death Angel/ Exodus/ Testament/ Kreator and Overkill, Thrashomatic has molded their music to be a combined sound of the best of the best in Thrash Metal with a taste of NWOBHM influence. Now, towering above the new Metal acts of today, with a distinct sound to not be forgotten, Thrashomatic is still plotting and continuing to take over the world with their classic Thrash sounds and undying perseverance, along side their “take no prisoners” attitude, this hard working band is definitely a force to be reckoned with.Time to...Die by... THRASHOMATIC!!! 


The Vent
1814 20 Ave
T1M 1N1
Country: ca


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