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First Annual Lethbridge Comedy Festival
Tue, Aug 25


HB’s Lounge is starting what they will hope will be an annual event — The Lethbridge Comedy Festival. Yuk Yuks stand-up comics from across Canada will be performing  throughout the week.

 Tonight, beginning at about 8 p.m. will be Tony Krolo, Donovon Deschner and Dana Alexander.

Tickets cost $10 per show or $25 for three shows, $50 for all five shows. 

Tony Krolo —

 Born in Montreal, raised in Oakville and currently living in Toronto, he has over 50 Film and Television credits as a Comedian, Actor and Writer and has performed Stand-Up Comedy throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe – please welcome – Tony Krolo.

As a comedian whose cool sophisticated style blends razor-sharp wit with an incredible ability to see the absurdities and provocations of modern day relationships, Tony is very much in demand.

With his Father’s Croatian brashness and loud features on his Mother’s stubborn French-Canadian face, Tony’s comedy comes honestly out of his own experiences with the foibles and follies of everyday life. His affable, engaging style and hilarious take on everything from pop culture to popping the question have made him one of the most eminent comedians in Canada today.

Tony is a born comic who has been entertaining audiences all his life, whether they wanted it or not. He’s been a funny Clothing Salesperson, a funny Bartender and a funny Courier. Tony turned his Comedy talent to a professional career in the late 80’s after graduating from Sheridan College with an Advertising Diploma and working as a Copywriter at a few Toronto Ad Agencies. He won “The Funniest New Comic” contest at Yuk Yuks in his first year and now Headlines top comedy clubs across the country, and has taken his act to the US, England, Ireland, Holland, and the Middle East. Tony’s reputation as a talented performer has led to invitations to perform at Festivals in Montreal, Manchester, Reading, Thunder Bay, London and Amsterdam.

Practically born in front of a television set, writing for the medium is a dream gig for Tony. The last few years has seen him be a Story Editor on such Disney shows as “The Latest Buzz”, “Naturally Sadie” and “Radio Free Roscoe”.

Specialized Corporate Performances have also been a focus of Tony’s Writing. He has Written and Performed specific material for McDonald’s, Royal Bank, Home Depot, Labatt’s, Sears, Dylex Group, and all Branches of the Military to name a few.

His Forte is Hosting Corporate Functions, using humour to warm-up the crowd and relay Themes and Messages in a mature, witty and clean Performance.

Television and Film Acting is a big part of Tony Krolo’s career. He’s a recurring “Mall Cop” on Disney’s “Naturally Sadie", a somber Detective on “The Jon Dore Show” and recently was in commercials for Tim Horton’s, Bud Light, Cox Com Cable and The National Fatherhood Initiative. He’s also had his own Comedy and Sketch Comedy Specials and done award winning popular Ads for Mars Bars, Clorets and Shiriff. Plus, every Christmas he’s a clumsy Cop in Tim Allen’s “The Santa Clause”.

Tony Krolo’s impact on a crowd is inspiring. His imagination for improvising is impressive to say the least and his unique conversational style keeps people talking long after he’s left the stage.

Donovon Deschner —

In lieu of the often impersonal biographies that exist, I’ve decided for a more auto-biographical approach…

There has only been one consistent thing through my life - entertaining others. All other hobbies, jobs, and activities have slowly fallen away to leave me with more than half my life spent entertaining audiences in different venues and parts of the world.

I began working on the magical arts at the age of 10 after my parents had me watch a magic TV special to keep me busy. (Had they known they were selecting my career they may have played ER instead!) Growing up surrounded by the Calgary magic community helped me to quickly excel as magician and entertainer with numerous shows throughout the city that culminated in a gala event I produced and starred in right out of high school. The video footage of this performance secured international work from as far away as Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

It was now time to show my peers what he could do. In 2005 I began competing at competitions across North America earning a Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM) “Close-Up First Place” prize and a “Gold Cups Finalist Award” from the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). Since then the demand on my time has increased exponentially, but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing new challenges. It was 10 years after I began practicing magic that I accepted a new challenge. My goal was to be funny without the use of a magic trick. That meant only one thing: stand-up comedy. Calling on the experience I gained entertaining for the past 10 years allowed me to quickly excel in this new performance field being booked to MC my first stand-up show after only three Amateur Night performances. Only a few years into telling jokes I’ve already been seen on television and across the country delivering a blend of physical absurdity and poignant observation.

My time is now spent entertaining audiences of all kinds.  From corporate ballrooms to exotic resorts.  As my resume continues to grow many people ask, “What’s next?” and my response is almost always, “I can’t wait to find out.” 

Dana Alexander —

Dana is originally from Edmonton Alberta.She started comedy there when she was 18 years old she has since lived in Vancouver and currently resides in Toronto performing mainly in Yuks Yuk venues across the country. 


HB's Lounge (Holiday Bowl)Map
HB's Lounge (Holiday Bowl)
2825 2 Ave South
T1J 0G8
Country: ca


(403) 328-2855
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