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Plum - Archive

330-6th Street South
T1J 2C8
Country: ca


Like an enigma wrapped in a riddle, is plum a lounge that promises to be more than a wine bar or a wine bar that promises to offer much more than fine dining? Clearly, the atmosphere suggests that much and more. After all, this is how we lounge...

Dimly lit understated elegance sets the mood as you first walk in to plum. Primitive walls of exposed brick contrast exquisite furnishings bathed in romantic shades of chocolate, cognac, and amber. The centerpiece of each evening is you - dine or lounge in lavish leather surrounded by rich dark woods, warm velvet fabrics, and a bar topped with cool granite. Plum provides an intimate atmosphere that seems to glow and radiate an inviting embrace, enveloping you with mainstream jazz and eclectic trip hop as the evening progresses. Removed from the glamorama of other avenues, plum dares to exist within the reawakened confines of 6th street amongst our good friends in the downtown core.

Plum's seasonal menu of contemporary Canadian cuisine ignores defining barriers while exuding confidence without pretension. Our executive chef's share their love and passion for gastronomy. They take you on an exciting yet simplified journey toward the world of fine dining. The food reflects the belief that less is more; that the finest ingredients classically combined result in a purity that transcends fads and fusion. To complement such offerings, the service is unobtrusive and without pretense. Plum's wine and spirit selections are strong and fresh, presenting thoughtful wine pairings by the glass and by the bottle. Our mission is simple - to explore the finest ingredients, to redefine presentation, and to provide a fine option for dining and lounging in Lethbridge, a testimonial to the pursuit of quality and the gracious welcome one receives at plum.
Date Title Venue Type
Fri, Jun 17 Supper Club Jazz Plum Jazz
Sat, Jun 18 Suppertime jazz Plum Jazz
Fri, Jun 15 Supper time jazz Plum Jazz
Sat, Jun 16 Supper time jazz Plum Jazz
Sat, Apr 6 Leigh Doerksen Plum Blues
Fri, Jun 14 Suppertime Jazz with James Oldenburg and Paul Holden Plum Jazz
Sat, Jun 15 Suppertime Jazz with Sheldon Arvay and Don Ponech Plum Jazz
Thu, Jun 12 Lethbridge Jazz Festival Suppertime Jazz with James Oldenburg and Paul Holden Plum Jazz
Sat, Jun 14 Lethbridge Jazz Festival presents Suppertime Jazz with James Oldenburg and Paul Holden Plum Jazz
Thu, Aug 28 Myla with Julia Bentley and Chandelier Plum R&B/Soul
Sat, Sep 13 CKXU Love and Records blues afterparty Plum Blues
Wed, Oct 15 Centric Festival autumn Edition with Aaron Collier Concert 1 7 p.m. Plum Dance/Electronica
Thu, Oct 16 Centric Festival Autumn edition Concert II HBO3 with Aaron Ciollier Plum Jazz
Sat, Oct 18 Centric Music Festival Concert III with Heather Jean Jordan Plum Jazz
Sat, Oct 18 Centric Music Festival Autumn edition Concert IV with Jesse Plessis Plum Classical
Thu, Jan 8 HBO3 Plum Jazz
Thu, Apr 16 HBO3 Plum Jazz
Thu, Apr 23 HBO3 Plum Jazz
Sat, May 9 Electric Eye Music Festival Plum Alternative
Fri, Jun 12 Lethbridge Jazz Festival Nightcaps wih the Herb Hicks Trio Plum Jazz

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