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Windy Castle Medieval Faire needs a “Kickstart” in the right direction

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The Windy Castle Medieval Faire is looking for some community support via a Kickstarter Campaign running May 1-15.

“We‘re only looking for $4,500 because we need to put the down payment on the jousters and  the caterers, so the community are voting with their dollars about how much the audience wants to see,” said co-organizer Junanita DeVoJuanita Devos is wating for you catll to donate to the Windy Castle Medieval Faire Kickstarter fund. Photo by Richard Amerys.
 The event takes place at the Coyote Flats Pioneer Village outside of Picture Butte, July 29-30 featuring a replica of a medieval village.

 There will be a variety of events including a hay bale maze, a Medieval feast, puzzles, costumes,  games, bouncy castles and an “eventful ” wagon ride into the coulee and plenty of other activities.
“There’s going to be puzzle questions and things to test your mind. there will be something for everyone,” she said.

“We’re even going to have a unicorn,” she enthused.
 The Kickstarter campaign raised $500 in the first three days of the campaign. There are several levels of a support mostly named after various aspects of wind such as Tsunami, Flurry, Zephyr, Whirlwind and Typhoon.
 Any pledge over five dollars gets your name on a banner to be displayed in the feast hall.

A $10 pledge which gets your name on a plaque at which will be installed at the Faire’s feast hall.They have a variety of incentives from a name on the banner, a discount or a pass to all future Windy City medieval Faire Events, a personally drawn family crest bus passes from the Faire to the downtown Lethbridge a personalized t-Shirt/free admittance.


 You can even help a less fortunate family by being a Castle Guardian $100 pledge which gets you your family’s admission as well as another family pass donated to a charitable organization like the Boys and Girls Club who will give it to a family who might not be able to attend otherwise.

 The top pledges include getting your own personalized flag at the event  for a $1,000 Whirlwind sponsorship and VIP seating next to the jousting platform for a $2,000 Typhoon sponsorship.
“At this point it’s do or die. If we don’t reach our goal, we’ll have to scale back the event,’ DeVos said adding timeliness is of the essence to ensure pledgers get their rewards.

 She noted the Brooks Medeival Faire has given Windy City Castle including giving them the contact information for professional  jousters who tour  medieval fairs around the world.

“And Coyote Flats pioneer Village has been 100 per cent behind us,” she said.

 The other thing we need is volunteers. This is a labour of love and passion. We need people to  work the gate and people to dress up in costume,” she said.
The windy Castle Medieval Faire kickstarter campaign is

A version of this story appears in the May 10, 2017, edition of the Lethbridge Sun Times
— By Richard Amery,L.A.beat Editor
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