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Sin is in in Theatre Outré’s “Confessional”

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The Seven Deadly sins can keep you up at night, even just remembering what they are.Confessional has been extended until Nov. 1 at Didi’s Playhaus. Photo by Richard Amery

 So Theatre Outré explores lust, wrath, sloth, gluttony, pride, greed and envy, with a special one on one theatrical experience, Confessional which sold out almost immediately, but has now been extended to Nov. 1. I got the last ticket on Sunday. They announced the extended run earlier this week.

 Confessional is a spooky experience, so it’s very cool that it has been extended into Halloween, because it is ideal for the season.

The show is really seven separate shows performed live by Kathy Zaborsky who covers lust and gluttony; Anastasia Siceac, who covers sloth and envy  and Jay Whitehead, who’s pieces are the strangest examinations of wrath and pride, I’ve ever experience.
 Greed is covered by a multi-media  production incorporating images of money, and fancy cars and houses.
 Only one person , or two if they are in the same cohort, enter  “Didi’s Playhaus” #210 517a 4th ave. S for the show.

 Upon entry, you fill out a quick questionaire including  questions like “ What makes you angry?” “What is your favourite food?” and “What do you  have too much of,” which are then submitted to the cast who incorporate your answers into their performances resulting in a personalized theatrical experience. More so if you answer honestly. I was stumped by a couple of them.

 After you’ve answered the questions, an actor  in a bird-like plague mask guides you into the darkened room and gestures you to stand in a taped off box on the floor, while ensuring you don’t remove your own mask.
And you stand before a plexiglass box. The curtain opens revealing the actor performing each particular piece.

 I don’t want to spoil what happens, but it is a pretty intense experience. The ever lovable Kathy Zaborsky includes images of the black plague into her portrayal of lust, and you also get to hear her lovely singing voice.
 Once each performance is completed, the curtain falls and the masked character gestures you move onto the next one.

 You are standing for most of the performances, though you get a chair, aptly to watch Siceac’s portrayal of sloth in her bathtub. She directly engages the audience for envy.You might remember her from her memorable performance of the Russian speaking witch in Shakespeare in the park’s production of Macbeth. She gets to show a couple other sides of her acting chops.
 Whitehead’s performances are the most surreal, and the toughest to follow.

He is a genius at creating tortured and slightly crazy characters and brings a couple of them to the fore for this show.
At the end you are given a moment  to literally reflect on the experience before being guided out approximately a half hour later.

 They are taking a week off, but will be back for the Halloween season.

Confessional is an experience well worth having. So get your tickets for $20  through the Theatre Outré website

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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