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Exhibition Park aGlow with holiday spirit with transcontinental light display

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It seems fitting that it would start snowing for the opening  preview of Glow Lethbridge in the Agri Hub Building at  Exhibition  Park, last night, Nov. 22.


It took dedicated workers 10 days to put together an intricate arrangements of lights, taking audiences  on a tour of Christmas in the People‘s Republic of China, The United Kingdom, France, Mexico, India and the Netherlands.

“ There are approximately 1 million lights,” said Lethbridge and District Exhibition CEO Mike Warkentin, adding it took 10 days to set up the display. Glow has toured  in Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Langley, Saskatoon and Hartford, Connecticut.


Mike Warkentin looks at Glow Lethbridge. Photo by Richard Amery

 Warkentin said this  Glow is a unique experience apart from the other cities .


“It really is spectacular and really shows the holiday spirit,” he said.


“ You really get a feel for how people celebrate the holidays in these countries,” he continued.

As you enter the DA Hall  and KB Hall  there is a big stage which will feature local musicians including choirs playing Christmas favourites every night from Nov. 23 to Dec. 31. Next to that is a slide  for kids to play on.


“It won’t be Taylor Swift or Trooper, but everyone will be here for a good time. It’s all local, budding artists who might not get a chance to play a big stage like this one,” said Lethbridge Exhibition Park CEO Mike Warkentin.

Glow Lethbridge runs from Nov. 23-Dec. 31. Photo by Richard Amery


The schedule is still being tweaked due to illness and unavailability, but as of Nov. 23,  the performers are Nov. 23  Lady Grime ; Nov. 24 – Isaac Neufeld ; Nov. 25 James Moore  ; Nov. 26 TBD ; Nov. 30 Maria Pickering ; Dec. 1  James Moore ; Dec. 2  The Southern Accord Chorus ; Dec. 3  Eve Lacey ; Dec. 7  Maria Pickering ; Dec. 8 – Charlie Navratil ; Dec. 9 – James Moore ; Dec. 10 – Maria Pickering ; Dec. 14  St. Pat’s School Choir ; Dec. 15 James Moore ; Dec. 16  Rachel Graf ; Dec. 17 Maria Pickering ; Dec. 21 Charlie Navratil ; Dec. 22  James Moore ; Dec. 23James Moore ; Dec. 24 Eve Lacey ; Dec. 28 TBD ; Dec. 29 Maria Pickering ; Dec. 30  MAK ; Dec. 31  MAK  .

 The updated schedule is at

 The stage is set next to a giant red heart surrounded by glittering lights spelling “Love.”

 You can grab some holiday treats and drinks like hot chocolate before you enter the exhibit through  a giant archway lit with white lights and enter a glittering China featuring a few  Chinese iconography  like a glittering koi pond. Around the corner before you enter India, ,there is a series of belit photo frames of assorted shapes, styles and sizes for selfies.


A glowing replica of  the Taj Mahal is the centrepiece of India. The Netherlands features a giant windmill, The UK features   the parliament buildings set in lights and Paris, of course features the replica of the Eiffel Tower. The centrepiece for Mexico is a miniature Incan pyramid.


 Nestled in the coiner of each “country” is s ticket booth where you can get a passport stamped.

“ Then you can enter into a draw for prizes,” noted Paul Kingsmith, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications for Lethbridge and District Exhibition.

 On the way out, Santa Claus will hold court for free photographs with admission.

“There really is something for the whole family,” Warkentin said.


The Taj  Mahal at Glow Lethbridge,  running from Nov. 23-Dec. 31. Photo by Richard Amery

 “This is really the type of event we’ve wanted to hold here before but couldn’t before we had this building,” Warkentin said promising future events and other special announcements  coming up for Glow Lethbridge. He is pleased to offer the event inside rather than outdors where weather can be dodgy and ever-changing.


“It’s an indoor  event. Alberta weather  can get really cold. So come in here, where it’s warm. It’s lots of fun,” Warkentin said.


“We’re working on some collaborations in the community,” Warkentin said, adding there has been a lot of interest in the public about Glow.


“ There‘s been more buzz in this event from the people I’ve talked to than any other event since I’ve been here for the past five and a half years,” he said.


Glow happens in the DA Hall  and KB Hall Thursdays through Saturdays 4-9 p.m. and Sundays noon to 5 p.m. Nov. 23-Dec. 31. You can sign up for the time slot you want to attend. 


 The musical performers will be listed on where you can buy the tickets. Tickets for 16 plus are $16.18 plus fees . Age  4-5 and 65 plus are $12.37 plus fees. Family tickets (2 adults and three children or seniors are available for $58.19 and 3 and under get in for free.

— By Richard Amery, L.A  Beat Editor

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