Casino Lethbridge’s Pure Summer festival features the Bamboo Guppies and Karen Romanchuk


I keep forgetting that Jason Eveleigh, in addition to being a great sound guy, is also an excellent musician.


Jason Eveleigh playing with the Bamboo Guppies at Casino Lethbridge. Photo by RichardAmery

 Eveleigh and his trio the Bamboo Guppies featuring drummer Rick Kawa and bassist JP Lorge played a couple of sets at Casino Lethbridge’s Pure Summer Festival, July 9

 They played. Laid back, fun set of  classic rock and country music with each musician taking turns on lead vocals.


 Eveleigh sang Pagliaro’s hit “ What the Hell I Got,” then passed lead vocals duties to drummer Rick Kawa for a hilarious version of the Arrogant Worms’ “Last Saskatchewan Pirate.”


 Lorge brought out the more country side of the band singing  Brooks and Dunn’s “My Maria.” And Great Big Seas “Lukey’s Boat.”

Karen Romanchuk playing at Casino Lethbridge. Photo by RichardAmery


 They showed off their classic rock roots and vocals on “ Some Kind of Wonderful” And on some Beatles “ Oh ! Darling”


 They went back to the country for  “ Working man’s Blues.”


 I caught most of Karen Romanchuk’s set of solo, earnest, acoustic folk music.


 She concentrated on optimistic originals like. “ It’s Going to be Fine” and a touch of blues.


 She added some choice covers of Dolly Parton”s “Jolene” and took the intimate audience starting to swelter back to the ’90s with a cover of the Bodeans’ ’“Closer to Free..”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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