Kentucky’s Grayson Jenkins brings laid back country songs to the Slice


The Slice got a slice of Kentucky country with Grayson Jenkins, Saturday, Aug. 13. With everything going on I missed the Wicked Grins’ opening set, though their guitarist Willy Burghart was also playing with them.


And I missed Grayson Jenkins’ first set. 

 They played a solid mix of storytelling fuelled rock and roll inspired  country music.

Grayson Jenkins playing the Slice, Aug. 13. Photo by RichardAmery


 They had a lot of groove, some twang and well crafted songs.

 They had a touch of bluegrass including some sweet acoustic guitar solos.

 They referenced easygoing ’70s country rock with a lot of tastefull electric piano and organ solos.


 They had elements of modern acts like American Aquarium and Cross Canadian Ragweed and classic acts like the Band.


 They have several albums out, and played aA lot of songs from them, especially their 2017 album “Cityscapes and Countrysides.”


 They added a few choose covers and had the audience singing along with  Jon Prune’s “Paradise.”


“ Going Lone” was a highlight as was their set ender “Another Day.”

— by Richard Amery, LA. Beat Editor

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