Theatre Outré explores inter-generational relationships in Whale Riding Weather


 Theatre Outré is excited about their new collaboration with Calgary’s Sage Theatre for Bryden MacDonald’s Whale Riding Weather. It is the generation spanning story of a  love triangle between three gay men in their 60s, 40s and 20s.

“ It fits right in with this year’s Theatre Outré theme of intergenerational relationships,” said Theatre Outré artistic director Jay Whitehead.

The play features Marek CzumJay Whitehead perfoms in Whale Riding Weather. Photo by Richard Amerya, Allister MacDonald and Theatre Outré artistic director Jay Whitehead.
 It runs in Calgary, Feb. 18-22, then in Lethbridge at Didi’s Playhaus, Feb. 24-28.

“It’s about a couple who have been together for 15 years. The older man is starting to decline mentally and his partner is  being a caregiver, but he’s starting to check out until a younger man comes into his life who is excited and full of life,” summarized Whitehead, who plays the man in his 40s. 

Gail Hanrahan is directing the production.

“’I’ve formed a relationship with Sage Theatre artistic director  Jason Mehmel and wanted to work with them because they create a more experimental style of theatre,” Whitehead said.

“They do a lot of contemporary theatre and stories about relationships. I believe this play does that,” he continued.


“ I play Auto. He’s the middle aged man who has checked out until he meets Jude, the young man, and he becomes more optimistic and  hopeful,” he continued, adding he has enjoyed digging into his character’s arc of growth.

He has also enjoyed working with  the actors.

“ Marek was in  The Curing Room (in February 2017) and  Allister was in  Tab and Landon (In 2018). So it has been really fun to work with them both again,” Whitehead said.

The show will be at 8 p.m. each night in Didi’s Play Haus during the Lethbridge run, Feb. 24-28.
 Tickets are available online at

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor