Local comedian Faris Hytiaa films first comedy special at Owl Acoustic Lounge


Local comedian Faris Hytiaa finished up filming his first comedy special “Where You From”  by filming two live shows recored at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Saturday, Aug. 13.

 Fairs Hytiaa filming his first comedy special at the Owl, Aug. 13. Photo by RichardAmery

I don’t get to a lot of the local comedy shows, but was glad to  be able to attend the late show.


I hadn’t seen him , nor openers Cole Howg and Connor Christmas’s opening sets since they were just starting out  by performing at the Owl Acoustic lounge’s comedy open mic at the old location.


 Host Cole Howg told a couple jokes about the local drug scene and convoy supporters, noting his cousin is one and , joking his fiancé is named Mack.

Niles Greenway had a solid set about being single and watching TV and  cuckold porn.


One of several cameramen film Fairs Hytiaa's first comedy special at the Owl, Aug. 13. Photo by RichardAmery

Conner Christmas , who started his comedy career in Lethbridge returned to the Lethbridge stage, hot off an appearance at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. He joked about his name and a few other things.


Headliner Faris Hytiaa performed a well crafted set about growing up as “ the first black person in Lethbridge,” and having to deal with people asking him where he’s from, though he was born in Toronto, and getting on a first basis with the local police.


He’d do a call back to officer Dave later in the set.


He talked a lot about living in a post Covid world and was on a roll but lost momentum while chatting to the audience, particularly Cole Howg’s convoy supporting cousin.


 He told stories that were both thought provoking and very funny.

The “Where You From” specialis expected to be released  in 2023.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor