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Gommorahwood 3 Improvised soap opera
Sat, Nov 20
Didi's Playhaus (formerlyClub Didi) - Lethbridge


Time: 7 p.m.


Lethbridge's Improvised Soap Opera returns for it's thrid episode. Mosey on down to the frontier town of Gomorrwood and witness the scandal, drama, romance and hilarity that lives there! 

Intrigue. Scandal. Romance. Mystery. Hilarity.
Lethbridge's Improvised Soap Opera is back for it's tenth offering, with our first ever western! Strap on yer spurs, grab a beer for yer horses and mosey on down to The Good, The Bad & The Gomorrah.
Episode 3 - "Gomorrahwood"
November20 2021
7 pm, Doors at 6:45 pm
As the fall winds blow through tumbleweeds the small frontier town of Gomorrahwood, reports of a stranger coming to the town have the townsfolk on edge. Is it a new sheriff to bring law and order to the west? A fugitive on the run from the past? A young woman looking to escape a loveless marraige out east? Whoever it might be, the town of Gomorrahwood will never be the same.
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Attendees will be required to pass a wellness screener and wear a mask while attending shows. For more information on curent safety measures, please see: 


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Theatre Outré’s  has moved to  the new location of  517 A 4 Ave South

Our vision for Club Didi is that it not only be a home base for Theatre Outré’s operations, but that it be used by other theatre and performance groups in the city who have also noticed the lack of small and affordable theatre and cabaret space.  We welcome you and hope you’ll take advantage of what Club Didi is meant to be.

We also envision that our Club Didi can be a gathering place for the city’s queer community along with their friends and allies.  It is a place where judgment, prudishness and censorship are uninvited and where open expression of sexuality, humanity and creativity is embraced with abandon. 

Watch for a variety of events from Club Didi including Movie & Cuddle Nights, musical tributes to gay icons, strip spelling bees, Karaoke and, of course, our season of exciting theatre.

Club Didi is equipped with seating for up to 40 people and can be set up in a variety of ways to suit your particular needs.  Cabaret seating with tables or traditional theatre seating are both options. 

We have an 8 x 8 foot raised stage available that can be set up or removed as well making our playing space incredibly versatile for performances and events of all kinds.

We also boast a surround sound system, mounted speakers, dvd player and projector for presentations, movies and karaoke.

If you wish to book Club Didi for your performance or event contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . for availability and affordable rates.

See you at Club Didi where we’ll ‘turn on the red light!’