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Bruce Peninsula, OK Vancouver OK, Feral Children and Amelia Earhart
Thu, Jul 16
Old Firehall - Lethbridge


Dreamt up by Misha Bower and Matt Cully in the summer of 2006, Bruce Peninsula has slowly mutated, elaborating on the Alan Lomax archives that initially inspired them and taking a new turn every time a new member or instrument is added to the mix. Since their second show, Bruce Peninsula has ballooned out to include a large cast of hoot-and-hollerers. The band mutates often but the last couple of years has seen contributions from Neil Haverty, Andrew Barker, Steve McKay, Leon Taheny, Kari Peddle, Daniela Geshundheit, Katie Stelmanis, Caseey Mecija, Maya Postepski, Isla Craig and Doc Dunn (the latter two no longer perform with BP but are honourary members for life). 

The instrumental elements have expanded into new terrain (unlike most folk bands, prog isn't a dirty word for this band), but Bruce Peninsula's focus is devoted to the singing, first and foremost. Singing from the gut, singing with gusto, singing the way we were made to sing… 

The early, simple call-and-responses have given way to more elaborate harmonies and compositions over time, but the teachings of those timeless old recordings from the American south remain in tact. There is no denying the power and conviction of old spiritual singers like Vera Ward Hall or Washington Phillips. And while each member of the band may have their own take on the powers that be, the words those legends sang (and, more importantly, the way they sang them) have forever converted Bruce Peninsula into devotees of the church of song.    

The surge of experimental music in Toronto has been equally important for Bruce Peninsula, bestowing upon them a wide-eyed, anything-goes mentality. Purists may argue that the blues or folk tradition can't be properly expressed without an old steel string and a slide, but this band has never been too concerned with trying to crack open closed minds. 

And so, a march of metalophone, lap-steel, zithers, and bells. Of drums and sticks and any other oddities of interesting and pleasing tone. Voices blaring all the while. Bruce Peninsula have spent the last year travelling through churches and slums to make A Mountain Is A Mouth, their forthcoming debut LP. They also dropped a 7" somewhere along the way. in the hands of engineer Leon Taheny (ohbijou, Final Fantasy, Germans), these recordings have turned into tiny mountains and the band is ecstatic that soon it will be let out into the world.

Ok Vancouver OK is an experimental, minimalistic, acousmatic  group from Vancouver who create music out of an assortment of unusual ambient  sounds.

Feral Children

not aimed to peak but as a steady output of honest, good, weird, experimental, original pop music. FC is not typical, started out as ragged, bloody thoughts pulled out of vocal chords but it has transformed since then into sparkling remedies, spirit dedications and psychedelic love notes cleared up by some serene samples FC launches listeneres into space. experimental artist Feral Children from Saskatoon, Sk makes music that contains elements of psychedelia, noise, d.i.y. electronica and old pop characterized by its tendency to rely heavily on looping psychedelic guitar riffs, bass lines and beats, reverb-soaked wild vocals, overdriven vintage tubes, samples and fieldrecordings. look basically its experimental emotional psychedelic pop. i like to sing about girls and play around with trippy sounds. for fun lets call it lo-fi drug pop.

Amelia Earhart are  a Lethbridge drum and bass duo with a lot of energy and odd chops. 


Old FirehallMap
Old Firehall   -   Website
402 2 Ave South
Country: ca


402 - 2 Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta
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