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Lily Fawn explores electronica with Songs From The Black Mountain

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There is no moss on Victoria musician Lily Fawn— one half of eclectic folk rock duo Hank and Lily.

You can get your Lily fix when she brings her new project Songs from the Black Mountain to the Slice  as part of the Blueprint  Tenth Anniversary celebration with Calgary songwriter Savk and local country band The Dearly Departed and Unbroken Circle, June 11.
“And I can get my Alberta fix. Some of the best people I’ve met on tour live in Alberta,” said Lily Fawn, on her way to Nanaimo to look at a baritone guitar.
 While fighting a four month bout with whooping cough, which meant they had to cancel a lot of Hank and Lily shows scheduled between Halloween and New Years, she did a lot of LIly Fawn and Eric Hogg (Songs From the Black Mountain) play Lethbridge this week. Photo by Bettina Maysongwriting.

“ I was doing a lot of writing, I just couldn’t sing it. And  Halloween to New Years is a really busy time for us,” she said.
As she was recovering from that,  she met Eric Hogg aka Zephyr Nova, a recording engineer  with Soma Sound while being called in to do a session for  a solo album from Current Swell’s Ghosty Boy.

“ They were looking for a specific sound and they found me,” she giggled.
“It was a lot of fun. We connected instantly and decided to write some songs together. It was going so well he asked me, instead of just writing songs together, let’s form a band,” she said.

“ So I’m so glad they asked me to be part of Ghosty Boy’s session because I never would have met Zephyr,” she said.
 They played a Twin Peaks theme party in honour of the popular ’90s TV show and things grew from there as they recorded a quick EP of music from and inspired by the show including Julee Cruise’s “World of Blue.” Their name is even a Twin Peaks reference.

“But we don’t just do Twin Peaks songs. It’s not our only thing. We kept the name because it fit our melodic, dreamy, psychedelic music,” she said.

 She is excited to explore her electronic side with the new project.
“ So we’ll use sounds like a drumstick scraping against a radiator or a bra strap snapping or a Windex bottle quirting. It‘s very eclectic,” she said, adding they are working on a full length CD.
“ We’re doing a lot of noise shows too. I play the musical saw, but put it through a whole lot of effects pedals. It has a right show. It’s got Lily style. It’s not just some guy in a hoodie in a corner. We call it Noise from the Black Lodge. So it is a side side project, ” she chuckled.

“ We’ve got a lot of songs, we just haven’t recorded them though we want to release the album in late July or August. We actually got sidetracked because we’re doing the 10 day tour of Alberta.
“ Alberta is such a pocket of sunshine,” she beamed.

 She also has a new Hank And Lily project ready to go.


“Hank and I totally play a lot together. But we have always done our solo projects. This one is more like Lily’s Lullabies. It is so different from Hank and Lily, she said.
 “We have a new Hank and Lily album. The album is ready and the comic is ready, but we haven’t discussed  how to release it,” she said.

 “I just like to do a lot of different things,” she said.

 She said the show will be all new material.
“But there is also one song I wrote for an old hank and Lily song called ‘Firefly” that I don’t think anyone will recognize,” she said, adding she won’t be wearing her antlers for Songs From the Black Mountain.
“They’re different projects. Hank and I both did solo projects about before Lily met Hank. That was Lullabies and Hank did one called “late Night Spirituals about before Hank Met Lily.”
 She is excited about  the show.

“I’m not a computer whiz like Zephyr. We have phat beats and sound son bra snapping and windex bottles.  I play little bit of everything. I’m playing a little bit of percussion and some guitar and I”m singing a lot. It’s a lot of fun,” she said.

“ I’m glad to be coming back to the Slice.  Zephyr has never been there and his favourite food is pizza, so I think it will be all right. I like a pizza called the Jesse special which isn’t on the menu, but he knows I like  everything really spicy and vegetarian,” she said.
The Blueprint Tenth anniversary show is at 9 p.m., June 11.
 Tickets are $12 at the door and $10 in advance.

 — By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 07 June 2016 10:42 )  
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