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L.A. Beat

B.A Johnston brings back the funny

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When life gets you down, Mrs. Brown, just let B.A. Johnston take you to town. If his well tried antics don’t make you at least smile, you probably don’t  have a soul or a sense of humour.B.A. Johnston jumps off the bar at the Owl Acoustic lounge, Sept. 16. Photo by Richard Amery
 So even though I probably should have been studying, instead I went to  see him at the Owl Acoustic lounge, Monday, Sept. 16. I was glad I did, his 40 some minute ling celebration  of the strange and unconventionally, definitely put me in a better from of mind for school.

 But first, I finally caught  local rap duo Bomb Hugg’s goofy take on rap music  proved to be an excellent choice for an opener.
 2PUCK AKA Jon Vornbrock and 2Nicecube aka Tony Rosaine rapped about hockey and racism and forgetting where they parked their car. They even dedicated a rap to old friend mr. Personal. 2NiceCube even added a couple of trumpet solo over pre-recorded beats.
 Their goofy take on a well wBA Johnstoon at the Owl Acoustic lounge, sept. 16. photo by Richard Ameryorn genre took me back to the ’80s when you had  goofball acts like the Fresh Prince and Morris Minor and the Majors.
 They don’t take themselves too seriously and neither does B.A Johnston.

 As usual he opened his show with a recording of “Werewolves of London,” and wandered through the audience with a  sparkler in each hand, cracking jokes about Medicine Hat, laughing “ Don’t applaud that.” as he played a newer song “In Love With Geddy Lee.”. He noted he has a new album coming out in 2021 called “Werewolves of London, Ontario.”

 Most of the audience had seen B.A. before and knew most of his songs by heart, gleefully singing along with old favourites like “Jesus Is From Hamilton”  “Deep Fryer In My Bedroom,”  and “ My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo” as he wandered through the crowd like a demented leprechaun, fed people their own drinks,  jumping off chairs, rolled around on the floor, wandered behind the bar to feed bartender Braeden a bottle, and later even jumped off the bar.
As usual, he stripped off identical “What Are You Looking at Dickhead sweatshirts,” chortling “ I’ll be you saw that coming,” adding you can get them in Hamilton for a buck apiece or six for a dollar.
 He played  quite a few new songs from his latest CDs “ The Skid is Hot Tonight ” and “ Gremlins III.”
 “Drive Through Beef” was a highlight and he added a new twist to the wandering through the crowd, feeding them their own drinks bit, by jumping off a chair with a  pitcher full of cheezies and wandered through the crowd, feeding them to the audience while playing a new song called “Cheezie Dust.”

Bomb Hugg at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Sept. 16. Photo by Richard Amery
 He bashed a battered acoustic guitar, pounded at a couple of keyboards and had other beats  playing through a Discman, he called an IPod original, which allowed him to weave through the audience trailing a long mic cord which people patiently stepped around.
I was glad to hear “A Day Off is a Day off,” which has become a crowd favourite as  is the new single “We’re All Going To Jail, Except for Pete , He’s Gonna Die.”
he wound down his set with another favourite “My Roommate is a Couche Tard,” before playing a request for “ I Want to Punch A Squirrel.”
He ended with “McDonalds Coupon Day,” and ended up standing in the bathroom sink for an encore of “ i Want To Drink in a Bar Filled With Aliens.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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